Appendix D: Building Encryption Libraries

Building Encryption Libraries

YottaDB neither encourages nor supports the use of any specific encryption library. In order to be helpful, here is how we created the libraries for testing YottaDB in the development environment.

Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat and Fedora

Packages were installed from standard repositories using the package manager.

IBM AIX 7.1 (pSeries)

Dependencies: Building the encryption libraries on AIX requires GNU Make and IBM’s xlc compiler toolchain.


./configure CC=cc CFLAGS=-q64 ($OBJECT_MODE=64)


./configure CC=”xlc -q64” –disable-asm ($OBJECT_MODE=64)/ or CC=cc CFLAGS=-q64

CRYPTO (from OpenSSL)

These instructions build OpenSSL which provides libcrypto.

./Configure aix64-cc shared # Note: it is an upper case C
(as root) make install


GPGME requires a source level fix to use the proper malloc() that requires an include for stdlib.h in the include section of version.c. Then:

./configure CC="xlc -q64" --disable-asm ($OBJECT_MODE=64)/ or CC=cc CFLAGS=-q64


GPG on AIX requires the setuid bit to be set. This can be done via chmod u+s /path/to/gpg. Please see

./configure CC="xlc -q64" --disable-asm ($OBJECT_MODE=64) or CC=cc CFLAGS=-q64