Error Message Quick Reference

Standard Error Codes

Standard Code YottaDB Message(s)
M1, Naked indicator undefined GVNAKED, Illegal naked global reference
M2, Invalid combination with P _fncodatom_ None
M3, $RANDOM seed less than 1 RANDARGNEG, Random number generator argument must be greater than or equal to one
M4, No true condition in $SELECT SELECTFALSE, No argument to $SELECT was true
M5, _lineref_ less than zero TEXTARG, Invalid argument to $TEXT function
M6, Undefined _lvn_ UNDEF, Undefined local variable: xxxx
M7, Undefined _gvn_ GVUNDEF, Global variable undefined: xxxx
M8, Undefined _svn_ INVSVN, Invalid special variable name
M9, Divide by zero DIVZERO, Attempt to divide by zero
M10, Invalid pattern match range
  • PATCODE, Illegal syntax for pattern
  • PATUPPERLIM, Pattern code upper limit is less than lower limit
M11, No parameters passed FALLINTOFLST, Fall-through to a label with formal list is not allowed
M12, Invalid _lineref_ (negative offset) GVNAKED, Illegal naked global reference
M13, Invalid _lineref_ (label not found)
  • JOBLABOFF, Label and offset not found in created process
  • LABELMISSING, Label referenced but not defined : xxxx
  • LABELNOTFND, GOTO referenced a label that does not exist
  • LABELUNKNOWN, Label referenced but not defined
  • OFFSETINV, Entry point xxxx+yyyy not valid
  • ZPRTLABNOTFND, Label not found in routine
M14, _line_ level not 1 None
M15, Undefined index variable None
M16, Argumented QUIT not allowed
  • NOTEXTRINSIC, Quit does not return to an extrinsic function, argument not allowed
  • QUITARGLST, Quit cannot take a list of arguments
  • QUITARGUSE, Quit cannot take an argument in this context
M17, Argumented QUIT required QUITARGREQD, Quit from an extrinsic must have an argument
M18, Fixed length READ not greater than zero RDFLTOOSHORT, Length specified for fixed length read less than or equal to zero
M19, Cannot copy a tree or subtree into itself MERGEDESC, Merge operation not possible. xxxx is descendent of yyyy.
M20, _line_ must have _formallist_ None
M21, Formal parameter occurs multiple times (original text: Algorithm specification invalid) None
M22, SET or KILL to ^$GLOBAL when data in global None
M23, SET or KILL to ^$JOB for non-existent job number None
M24, Change to collation algorithm while subscripted
local variables defined
M25, Attempt to modify currently executing routine None
M26, Non-existent _environment_ None
M27, Attempt to rollback a transaction that is not restartable. None
M28, Mathematical function, parameter out of range None
M29, SET or KILL on _ssvn_ not allowed by implementation None
M30, Reference to _glvn_ with different collating sequence within a collating algorithm None
M31, _controlmnemonic_ used for device without a _mnemonicspace_ selected None
M32, _controlmnemonic_ used in user-defined
_mnemonicspace_ which has no associated line
RANDARGNEG, Random number generator argument must be greater than or equal to one
M33, SET or KILL to ^$ROUTINE when _routine_ exists None
M34, — currently unassigned — None
M35, Device does not support _mnemonicspace_ INVMNEMCSPC, Unsupported mnemonicspace xxxx
M36, Incompatible _mnemonicspace_s None
M37, READ from device identified by the empty string None
M38, Invalid _ssvn_ subscript None
M39, Name of variable expected (original text: Invalid $NAME argument) VAREXPECTED, Variable expected in this context
M40, Call-by-reference in JOB _actual_ JOBACTREF, Actual parameter in job command passed by reference
M41, Invalid LOCK argument within a TRANSACTION TPLOCK, Cannot release lock(s) held prior to current TSTART
M42, Invalid QUIT within a TRANSACTION SELECTFALSE, No argument to $SELECT was true
M43, Invalid range ($X, $Y) None
M44, Invalid _command_ outside of a TRANSACTION
  • TLVLZERO, Transaction is not in progress
  • TRANSNOSTART, ZTCOMMIT(s) issued without corresponding ZTSTART(s)
M45, Invalid GOTO reference None
M46, Invalid attribute name None
M47, Invalid attribute value (original text: Invalid attribute name) None
M48, Nonexistent window, element or choice None
M49, Invalid attempt to set focus None
M50, Attempt to reference a non M-Term window in an OPEN command None
M51, Attempt to destroy M-Term window prior to CLOSE None
M52, Required attribute missing TEXTARG, Invalid argument to $TEXT function
M53, Invalid argument for font function None
M54, Attempt to create non-modal child of a modal parent None
M55, Invalid nested TSTART command None
M56, Name length exceeds implementation’s limit None
M57, More than one defining occurrence of label in routine MULTLAB, This label has been previously defined
M58, Too few formal parameters
  • ACTLSTTOOLONG, More actual parameters than formal parameters: xxxx
  • ZCARGMSMTCH, External call: Actual argument count, xxxx is greater than formal argument count, yyyy
  • ZCCONMSMTCH, External call: Too many input arguments
M59, Environment reference not permitted for this _ssvn_ None
M60, Undefined _ssvn_ None
M61, Attempt to OPEN file with conflicting ACCESS parameters None
M62, Illegal value for ACCESS parameter while attempting to OPEN file UNDEF, Undefined local variable: xxxx
M63, Illegal value for DISPOSITION parameter while attempting to CLOSE file None
M64, Illegal value for RENAME parameter while attempting to CLOSE file None
M65, Illegal value for VOLUME label None
M66, Illegal value for DENSITY parameter None
M67, Illegal value for ACCESS parameter None
M68, Illegal value for MOUNT parameter None
M69, Attempted tape I/O while no tape mounted None
M70, Illegal value for BLOCKSIZE parameter None
M71, Attempt to read data block larger than buffer size None
M72, Illegal value for recordsize parameter GVUNDEF, Global variable undefined: xxxx
M73, Invalid usage of _devicekeyword_ NEWFILE None
M74, Illegal value for TRANSLATION parameter None
M75, String length exceeds implementation’s limit
  • MAXSTRLEN, Maximum string length exceeded
  • REC2BIG, Record size (xxxx) is greater than maximum (yyyy) for region: zzzz
  • ZFILENMTOOLONG, xxxx is longer than 255 characters
M76, TCP socket state incorrect for CONNECT or LISTEN LISTENPASSBND, Controlmnemonic LISTEN can be applied to PASSIVE socket which is in the state BOUND ONLY
M77, TCP _deviceattribute_ missing None
M78, TCP _devicekeyword_ missing None
M79, TCP socket allocated to another device SOCKETEXIST, Socket xxxx already exists
M80, Network error not otherwise specified
  • SOCKINIT, Error initializing socket: (errno == aaaa) xxxx
  • SOCKMAX, Attempt to exceed maximum sockets xxx for the SOCKET device
  • SOCKWAIT, Error waiting for socket connection
M81, Unable to establish network connection
  • OPENCONN, Error opening socket connection
  • SOCKACPT, Error accepting socket connection
M82, Network connection suspended: wait to resume INVSVN, Invalid special variable name
M83, Network connection lost None
M84, Network protocol error: invalid client message None
M85, Network protocol error: invalid server message None
M86, Cannot relinquish device with I/O pending None
M87, Network buffer overflow None
M88, Non-existent _routine_ ROUTINEUNKNOWN, Routine could not be found
M89, Specified pattern is not a _subpattern_ None
M90, Invalid _namevalue_ NOCANONICNAME, Value is not a canonic name (xxxx).
M91, Routine source is not available None
M92, Mathematical overflow DIVZERO, Attempt to divide by zero
M93, Mathematical underflow None
M94, Attempt to compute zero to the zero-eth power None
M95, Exponentiation returns complex number with non-zero imaginary part NEGFRACPWR, Invalid operation: fractional power of negative number
M96, Attempt to assign value to already valued write-once _ssvn_ None
M97, Routine associated with user-defined _ssvn_ does not exist None
M98, Resource unavailable None
M99, Invalid operation for context None
M100, Output time-out expired None
M101, Attempt to assign incorrect value to $ECODE INVECODEVAL, Invalid value for $ECODE (xxxx).
M102, Simultaneous synchronous and asynchronous event class
  • PATCODE, Illegal syntax for pattern
  • PATUPPERLIM, Pattern code upper limit is less than lower limit
M103, Invalid event identifier None
M104, IPC event identifier is not a valid job-number None
M105, Object not currently accessible None
M106, Object does not support requested method or property None
M107, Object has no default value None
M108, Value if not of data type OREF None
M109, Undefined _devicekeyword_ None
M110, Event identifier not available None
M111, Invalid number of days for date None
M112, Invalid number of seconds for time FALLINTOFLST, Fall-through to a label with formallist is not allowed

ZMessage Codes

ZM# YottaDB Message and Description
150377402 ABNCOMPTINC, Deviceparameter xxxx and deviceparameter yyyy are not compatible in the zzzz command
150377762 ACOMPTBINC, Deviceparameter xxxx is compatible with only yyyy in the command zzzz
150383194 ACTCOLLMISMTCH, Global ^gggg inherits alternative collation sequence #nnnn from global directory but database file dddd contains different collation sequence #mmmm for this global
150379234 ACTIVATEFAIL, Cannot activate passive source server on instance iiii while a receiver server and/or update process is running
150374474 ACTLSTTOOLONG, More actual parameters than formal parameters: xxxx
150374482 ACTOFFSET, Actuallist not allowed with offset
150374290 ACTRANGE, Alternate Collating Type xxxx is out of range
150377010 ADDRTOOLONG, Socket address xxxx of length aaaa is longer than the maximum permissible length bbbb
150383434 AIMGBLKFAIL, After image build for block bbbb in region rrrr failed in DSE or MUPIP
150384002 AIOBUFSTUCK, Waited mmmm minutes for PID: pppp to finish AIO disk write of block: bbbb
150383906 AIOCANCELTIMEOUT, Pid pppp timed out waiting for a pending asynchronous IO operation to complete/cancel in database file ffff
150381370 ALIASEXPECTED, Alias or alias container variable expected in this context
150375034 AMBISYIPARAM, Parameter xxxx is ambiguous to $ZGETSYI()
150377394 ANCOMPTINC, Deviceparameter xxxx is not compatible with any other deviceparameters in the yyyy command
150383720 ARCTLMAXHIGH, The environment variable XXXX = YYYY is too high. Assuming the maximum acceptable value of ZZZZ
150383728 ARCTLMAXLOW, The environment variable XXXX = YYYY is too low. Assuming the minimum acceptable value of ZZZZ
150381803 ARROWNTDSP, Unable to display ^—– due to length of source line
150374524 ASSERT, Assert failed xxxx line yyyy
150383930 ASYNCIONOMM, Database file ffffssss cannot cccc
150383898 ASYNCIONOV4, rrrr database has ssss; cannot cccc
150384034 AUTODBCREFAIL, Automatic creation of database file DDDD associated with region RRRR failed; see associated messages for details
150375339 BACKUPCTRL, Control Y or control C encountered during backup, aborting backup
150381344 BACKUPKILLIP, Kill in progress indicator is set for file ffff, backup database could have incorrectly marked busy integrity errors
150372379 BADACCMTHD, Invalid access method was specified, file not created
150381058 BADCASECODE, xxxx is not a valid case conversion code.
150381066 BADCHAR, XXX is not a valid character in the YYY encoding form.
150381050 BADCHSET, xxxx is not a valid character mapping in this context.
150375098 BADDBVER, Incorrect database version: xxxx
150377650 BADGBLSECVER, Global section xxxx does not match the current database version
150375218 BADGTMNETMSG, Invalid message sent to GT.CM server, type: xxxx
150372386 BADJPIPARAM, xxxx is not a legal parameter for $ZGETJPI()
150372690 BADLKIPARAM, xxxx is not a legal parameter for $ZGETLKI()
150375490 BADLOCKNEST, Unsupported nesting of LOCK commands
150374618 BADQUAL, Unrecognized qualifier: xxxx
150382138 BADREGION, Region is not BG, MM, or CM
150375210 BADSRVRNETMSG, Invalid message received from GT.CM server
150372394 BADSYIPARAM, xxxx is not a legal parameter to $ZGETSYI()
150381498 BADTAG, Unable to use file ffff (CCSID tttt) with CCSID uuuu
150375274 BADTRNPARAM, xxxx is not a legal parameter to $ZTRNLNM
150383034 BADZPEEKARG, Missing, invalid or surplus xxxx parameter for $ZPEEK()
150383050 BADZPEEKFMT, $ZPEEK() value length inappropriate for selected format
150383042 BADZPEEKRANGE, Access exception raised in memory range given to $ZPEEK()
150377154 BCKUPBUFLUSH, Unable to flush buffer for online backup
150375627 BEGINST, Beginning LOAD at record number: xxxx
150380522 BEGSEQGTENDSEQ, Journal file xxxx has beginning sequence number aaaa greater than end sequence number bbbb
150375786 BFRQUALREQ, The [NO]BEFORE qualifier is required for this command
150375603 BINHDR, gggg Date: dddd TIME: tttt Extract Region Characteristics rrrr Blk Size: xxxx Rec Size: yyyy Key Size: kkkk
150372402 BITMAPSBAD, Database bit maps are incorrect
150382890 BKUPRUNNING, Process dddd is currently backing up region xxxx. Cannot start another backup.
150380826 BKUPTMPFILOPEN, Open of backup temporary file aaaa failed
150380834 BKUPTMPFILWRITE, Write to backup temporary file aaaa failed
150373443 BLKCNT, Last LOAD Block/RMS Record number: xxxx
150379435 BLKCNTEDITFAIL, MUPIP recover or rollback failed to correct the block count field in the file header for file xxxx
150383418 BLKINVALID, bbbb is not a valid block as database file ffff has nnnn total blocks
150376899 BLKSIZ512, Block size xxxx rounds to yyyy
150375584 BLKTOODEEP, Block level too deep
150377131 BLKWRITERR, Unable to queue disk write for block XXXX. Will keep trying.
150381130 BOMMISMATCH, XXX Byte Order Marker found when YYY character set specified.
150381928 BOOLSIDEFFECT, Extrinsic ($$), External call ($&) or $INCREMENT() with potential side effects in Boolean expression
150380514 BOVTMGTEOVTM, Journal file xxxx has beginning timestamp aaaa greater than end timestamp bbbb
150380506 BOVTNGTEOVTN, Journal file xxxx has beginning transaction yyyy which is greater than end transaction zzzz
150372411 BREAK, Break instruction encountered
150372419 BREAKDEA, Break instruction encountered during Device error action
150372427 BREAKZBA, Break instruction encountered during ZBREAK action
150372371 BREAKZST, Break instruction encountered during ZSTEP action
150372442 BTFAIL, The database block table is corrupt; error type xxxx
150377666 BUFFLUFAILED, Errors flushing buffers from uuuu for database file dddd
150379226 BUFOWNERSTUCK, PID xxxx waiting for PID yyyy to finish disk read of block zzzz. Been waiting for aaaa minutes.
150376882 BUFRDTIMEOUT, Pid xxxx timed out waiting for buffered read by process yyyy to complete in database file zzzz
150503803 BUFSIZIS, Journal Buffer size is xxxx
150503811 BUFTOOSMALL, But block size xxxx requires buffer size yyyy
150377099 CALLERID, Routine xxxx called from yyyy
150381530 CALLINAFTERXIT, After a ydb_exit, a process can never create a valid YottaDB context
151027858 CALLINTCOMMIT, TCOMMIT at call-in-level=xxxx not allowed as corresponding TSTART was done at lower call-in-level=yyyy
151027866 CALLINTROLLBACK, TROLLBACK at call-in-level=xxxx not allowed as corresponding TSTART was done at lower call-in-level=yyyy
150383426 CANTBITMAP, Can’t perform this operation on a bit map (block at a 200 hexadecimal boundary)
150376258 CEBIGSKIP, Compiler escape user routine skip count is too large
150376274 CENOINDIR, Indirection type information not available for compiler escape feature
150376266 CETOOLONG, Compiler escape substitution exceeds maximum line size
150376242 CETOOMANY, Too many compiler escape substitutions in a single statement
150376250 CEUSRERROR, Compiler escape user routine returned error code xxxx
150384019 CHANGELOGINTERVAL, ssss Server now logging to ffff with a IIII second interval
150380795 CHNGTPRSLVTM, MUPIP will change tp_resolve_time from xxxx to yyyy because expected EPOCH or EOF record was not found in Journal File zzzz.
150383402 CHSETALREADY, Socket device already contains sockets with iCHSET=xxxx, oCHSET=xxxx
150379642 CIDIRECTIVE, Invalid directive parameter passing. Expected I, O or IO.
150379610 CIENTNAME, No label reference found for this entry in call-in table
150380266 CIMAXLEVELS, Too many nested Call-ins. Nested resources exhausted at level llll
150380250 CIMAXPARAM, Exceeded maximum number of parameters in the call-in table entry. An M routine cannot accept more than 32 parameters.
150379666 CINOENTRY, No entry specified for xxxx in the call-in table
150379650 CIPARTYPE, Invalid type specification for O/IO directive - expected pointer type
150379626 CIRCALLNAME, Call-in routine name expected but not found
150379634 CIRPARMNAME, Invalid parameter specification for call-in table
150379618 CIRTNTYP, Invalid return type
150379594 CITABENV, Environment variable for call-in table xxxx not set
150379602 CITABOPN, Unable to open call-in table: xxxx
150379658 CIUNTYPE, Unknown parameter type encountered
150379882 CLIERR, xxxx
150384194 CLISTRTOOLONG, SSSS specified is BBBB bytes long which is greater than the allowed maximum of MMMM bytes
150381410 CLOSEFAIL, Error while closing file descriptor dddd
150375130 CLSTCONFLICT, Cluster conflict opening database file xxxx; could not secure access. Already open on node yyyy.
150372458 CMD, Command expected but not found
150569002 CMEXCDASTLM, Exceeded AST limit. Cannot open database.
150634532 CMICHECK, Internal CMI error. Report to YottaDB Support
150568988 CMINTQUE, Interlock failure accessing GT.CM server queue
150569010 CMSYSSRV, Error doing system service, status:
150374978 CNOTONSYS, command is not supported by this operating system
150375746 COLLARGLONG, Collation sequence nnn does not contain routines for long strings
150376282 COLLATIONUNDEF, Collation type xxxx is not defined
150373626 COLLDATAEXISTS, Collation type cannot be changed while data exists
150375802 COLLFNMISSING, Routine xxx is not found for collation sequence nnn
150375930 COLLTYPVERSION, Collation type xxxx, version yyyy mismatch
150372466 COLON, Colon (:) expected in this context
150383314 COLTRANSSTR2LONG, Output string after collation transformation is too long
150372474 COMMA, Comma expected in this context
150372482 COMMAORRPAREXP, Comma or right parenthesis expected but not found
150372491 COMMENT, Comment line. Placed zbreak at next executable line.
150384346 COMMFILTERERR, Error executing the command filter for FFFF DDDD
150381290 COMMITWAITPID, Pid wwww waited tttt minute(s) for pid pppp to finish commits in database file dddd
150381282 COMMITWAITSTUCK, Pid wwww timed out after waiting tttt minute(s) for nnnn concurrent YottaDB process(es) to finish commits in database file dddd
150374642 COMPILEQUALS, Error in compiler qualifiers: xxxx
150378922 CONNSOCKREQ, Socket not connected
150382074 COREINPROGRESS, Previous core attempt failed; core generation bypassed.
150372890 CORRUPT, Corrupt input in Blk #xxxx, Key #yyyy; resuming with next global block
150373018 CORRUPTNODE, Corrupt input in Record # rrrr, Key #yyyy; resuming with next global node
150377026 CPBEYALLOC, Attempt to copy beyond the allocated buffer
150379570 CREDNOTPASSED, Socket message contained no passed credentials
150374562 CRITRESET, The critical section crash count for region xxxx has been incremented
150375914 CRITSEMFAIL, Error with semaphores for region xxxx
150382938 CRYPTBADCONFIG, Could not retrieve data from encrypted file ffff due to bad encryption configuration. eeee
150383498 CRYPTBADWRTPOS, Encrypted WRITE disallowed from a position different than where the last WRITE completed
150381434 CRYPTDLNOOPEN, Failed to load encryption library while opening encrypted file ffff. eeee
150382930 CRYPTDLNOOPEN2, Failed to load encryption library dddd. Eeee
150381482 CRYPTHASHGENFAILED, Failed to generate cryptographic hash for symmetric key corresponding to file ffff. eeee
150381418 CRYPTINIT, Failed to initialize encryption library while opening encrypted file ffff. eeee
150382922 CRYPTINIT2, Failed to initialize encryption library during YottaDB startup. eeee
150376362 CRYPTJNLMISMATCH, Encryption settings mismatch between journal file jjjj and corresponding database file dddd
150381466 CRYPTKEYFETCHFAILED, Failed to retrieve encryption key corresponding to file ffff. eeee
150381474 CRYPTKEYFETCHFAILEDNF, Cannot obtain encryption key. xxxx
150383834 CRYPTKEYRELEASEFAILED, Could not safely release encryption key corresponding to file ffff. eeee
150383490 CRYPTKEYTOOBIG, Specified key has length xxxx, which is greater than the maximum allowed key length yyyy
150383450 CRYPTNOAPPEND, APPEND disallowed on the encrypted file xxxx
150381490 CRYPTNOKEY, No encryption key specified
150383474 CRYPTNOKEYSPEC, Key name needs to be specified with KEY, IKEY, or OKEY device parameter for encrypted I/O
150381450 CRYPTNOMM, ffff is an encrypted database. Cannot support MM access method.
150383482 CRYPTNOOVERRIDE, Cannot override IVEC and/or key without compromising integrity
150383458 CRYPTNOSEEK, SEEK disallowed on the encrypted file ffff
150383466 CRYPTNOTRUNC, Not positioned at file start or EOF. TRUNCATE disallowed on the encrypted file ffff
150381442 CRYPTNOV4, ffff is an encrypted database. Cannot downgrade(to V4) with Encryption option enabled.>/error/fao=2!/ansi=0
150381426 CRYPTOPFAILED, Encrypt/Decrypt operation failed for file ffff. eeee
150375890 CTLMNEMAXLEN, The maximum length of a control mnemonic has been exceeded
150375898 CTLMNEXPECTED, Control mnemonic is expected in this context
150372498 CTRAP, Character trap $C(xxxx) encountered
150372507 CTRLC, CTRL_C encountered
150372515 CTRLY, User interrupt encountered
150377426 CURRSOCKOFR, Current socket of index xxxx is out of range. There are only yyyy sockets.
150382714 CUSTERRNOTFND, Error mnemonic eeee specified in custom errors file is not valid for this version of YottaDB
150382722 CUSTERRSYNTAX, Syntax error in file ffff at line number nnnn
150382706 CUSTOMFILOPERR, Error while doing oooo operation on file ffff
150380531 DBADDRALIGN, Database file xxxx, element location aaaa: blk = bbbb: [yyyy] control cccc was unaligned relative to base dddd and element size eeee
150376547 DBADDRANGE, Database file xxxx, element location yyyy: control zzzz was outside aaaa range bbbb to cccc
150378739 DBADDRANGE8, Database file xxxx, element location yyyy: control zzzz was outside aaaa range bbbb to cccc.
150379024 DBBADFREEBLKCTR, Database xxxx free blocks counter in file header: oooo appears incorrect; should be nnnn. Auto-corrected.
150378146 DBBADKYNM, xxxx is an invalid key name
150378138 DBBADNSUB, xxxx Bad numeric subscript
150378154 DBBADPNTR, xxxx Bad pointer value in directory
150381936 DBBADUPGRDSTATE, Correcting conflicting values for fields describing database version upgrade state in the file header for region rrrr (ffff) - make fresh backups with new journal files immediately.
150378186 DBBDBALLOC, xxxx Block doubly allocated
150378178 DBBFSTAT, xxxx Block busy/free status unknown (local bitmap corrupted)
150374675 DBBLEVMN, xxxx Block level less than zero
150374667 DBBLEVMX, xxxx Block level higher than maximum
150383922 DBBLKSIZEALIGN, Database file ffff has AIO=ON and block_size=bbbb which is not a multiple of filesystem block size ssss
150376467 DBBMBARE, xxxx Bit map does not protect itself
150376475 DBBMINV, xxxx Bit map contains an invalid pattern
150379730 DBBMLCORRUPT, Database xxxx: Bitmap blk yyyy is corrupt (Size = aaaa, levl = bbbb, tn = cccc: Dbtn = dddd): Database integrity errors likely
150376483 DBBMMSTR, xxxx Bit map does not match master map
150376459 DBBMSIZE, xxxx Bit map has incorrect size
150378162 DBBNPNTR, Bit map block number as pointer
150378250 DBBPLMGT2K, Blocks per local map is greater than 2k
150378242 DBBPLMLT512, Blocks per local map is less than 512
150378266 DBBPLNOT512, Blocks per local map is not 512
150374682 DBBSIZMN, xxxx Block too small
150374690 DBBSIZMX, xxxx Block larger than file block size
150378210 DBBSIZZRO, Block size equals zero
150380587 DBBTUFIXED, The blocks-to-upgrade file-header field has been changed to the correct value
150380576 DBBTUWRNG, The blocks-to-upgrade file-header field is incorrect. Expected xxxx, found yyyy
150380610 DBCBADFILE, Source file xxx does not appear to have been generated by DBCERTIFY SCAN - rerun SCAN or specify correct file
150372522 DBCCERR, Interlock instruction failure in critical mechanism for region xxxx
150380674 DBCCMDFAIL, Executed command failed with return code xxxx yyyy which executed yyyy yyyy
150380651 DBCDBCERTIFIED, Database xxx has been certified for use with xxxx
150379826 DBCDBNOCERTIFY, Database xxxx HAS NOT been certified due to the preceding errors - rerun DBCERTIFY SCAN
150380626 DBCINTEGERR, Encountered integrity error in database xxxx
150380682 DBCKILLIP, Cannot proceed with kill-in-progress indicator set for database xxx
150377451 DBCLNUPINFO, Database file xxxx / yyyy
150380658 DBCMODBLK2BIG, Block 0xaaa has been modified since DCERTIFY SCAN but is still too large or has an earlier TN than in DCERTIFY SCAN - Rerun scan
150374760 DBCMPBAD, xxxx yyyy Compression count not maximal
150374739 DBCMPMX, xxxx yyyy Record compression count is too large
150374714 DBCMPNZRO, xxxx yyyy First record of block has nonzero compression count
150380618 DBCNOEXTND, Unable to extend database xxx
150380690 DBCNOFINISH, DBCERTIFY unable to finish all requested actions
150380642 DBCNOTSAMEDB, Database has been moved or restored since DBCERTIFY SCAN - Rerun scan
150376611 DBCNTRLERR, Database file xxxx: control error suspected but not found
150382944 DBCOLLREQ, JOURNAL EXTRACT proceeding without collation information for globals in database. eeee ffff .
150375779 DBCOMMITCLNUP, Pid dddd [hhhh] handled error (code = eeee) during commit of xxxx transaction in database file yyyy
150378554 DBCOMPTOOLRG, xxxx Record has too large compression count
150380666 DBCREC2BIG, Record with key xxx is length yyy in block 0xaaa is greater than the maximum length yyy in database xxx
150379314 DBCREC2BIGINBLK, A Record in block bbbb has a length greater than the maximum uuuuu in database dddd.
150378338 DBCREINCOMP, xxxx Header indicates database file creation was interrupted before completion
150376563 DBCRERR, Database file xxxx, cr location yyyy blk = zzzz error: aaaa was bbbb, expecting cccc – called from module xxx at line yyy
150378723 DBCRERR8, Database file xxxx, or location yyyy blk = zzzz error: aaaa was bbbb, expecting cccc – called from module yyy at line xxx
150380602 DBCSCNNOTCMPLT, Specified DBCERTIFY SCAN output file is not complete - Rerun scan
150378976 DBDANGER, Process pppp killed while committing update for database file xxxx. Possibility of damage to block yyyy.
150382754 DBDATAMX, xxxx Record too large
150376515 DBDIRTSUBSC, <xxxx Directory tree block contains non name-level entries>
150378307 DBDSRDFMTCHNG, Database file xxx, Desired DB Format set to yyy by zzz with pid ppp [0xppp] at transaction number [0xttt]
150384010 DBDUPNULCOL, Discarding kkkk=vvvv key due to duplicate null collation record
150381042 DBENDIAN, Database file xxxx is aaaa endian on a gggg endian system
150378312 DBFGTBC, xxxx File size larger than block count would indicate
150376539 DBFHEADERR4, Database file ffff: control problem: aaaa was xxxx expecting yyyy
150381315 DBFHEADERR8, Database file ffff: control problem: aaaa was xxxx expecting yyyy
150382643 DBFHEADERRANY, Database file ffff: control problem: aaaa was xxxx expecting yyyy
150383891 DBFHEADLRU, Database file ffff LRU pointer: pppp is outside of range: bbbb to tttt or misaligned
150384115 DBFILECREATED, Database file DDDD created
150372546 DBFILERR, Error with database file. xxxx.
150377491 DBFILEXT, Database file xxxx extended from yyyy blocks to zzzz blocks at transaction aaaa
150375378 DBFILOPERR, Error doing database I/O to region xxxx
150378346 DBFLCORRP, xxxx Header indicates database file is corrupt
150380474 DBFRZRESETFL, Freeze release failed on database file xxxx
150379835 DBFRZRESETSUC, Unfreeze successfully done on database file xxxx.
150378322 DBFSTBC, xxxx File size smaller than block count would indicate
150378330 DBFSTHEAD, xxxx File smaller than database header
150378082 DBFSYNCERR, Error synchronizing database file xxxx to disk
150378386 DBGTDBMAX, xxxx Key larger than database maximum
150378354 DBHEADINV, xxxx Header size not valid for database
150379346 DBIDMISMATCH, Database file xxxx ID (region yyyy) does not match file ID in shared memory (ID=zzzz). Ensure region is properly rundown.
150378170 DBINCLVL, xxxx Block at incorrect level
150378362 DBINCRVER, xxxx Incorrect version of YottaDB database
150378370 DBINVGBL, xxxx Invalid mixing of global names
150382762 DBIOERR, Error while doing write operation on region rrrr (ffff)
150372538 DBJNLNOTMATCH, Database xxxx points to journal file name yyyy but the journal file points to database file zzzz
150378378 DBKEYGTIND, xxxx Key greater than index key
150374754 DBKEYMN, xxxx Key too short
150374746 DBKEYMX, xxxx Key too long
150374770 DBKEYORD, xxxx Keys out of order
150378394 DBKGTALLW, xxxx Key larger than maximum allowed length
150378424 DBLOCMBINC, xxxx Local bit map incorrect
150378410 DBLRCINVSZ, xxxx Last record of block has invalid size
150378402 DBLTSIBL, xxxx Keys less than sibling’s index key
150378432 DBLVLINC, xxxx Local bitmap block level incorrect
150378522 DBMAXKEYEXC, xxxx Maximum key size for database exceeds design maximum
150377995 DBMAXNRSUBS, XXXX Maximum number of subscripts exceeded.
150380594 DBMAXREC2BIG, Maximum record size (xxx) is too large for this block size (yyy) - Maximum is zzz
150378464 DBMBMINCFRE, xxxx Master bit map incorrectly asserts this local map has free space
150383056 DBMBMINCFREFIXED, Master bitmap incorrectly marks local bitmap 0xAAAA as free. Auto-corrected
150378496 DBMBPFLDIS, xxxx Master bit map shows this map full, in disagreement with both disk and INTEG results
150378480 DBMBPFLDLBM, xxxx Master bit map shows this map full, agreeing with disk local map
150378488 DBMBPFLINT, xxxx Master bit map shows this map full, agreeing with MUPIP INTEG
150378504 DBMBPFRDLBM, xxxx Master bit map shows this map has space, agreeing with disk local map
150378512 DBMBPFRINT, xxxx Master bit map shows this map has space, agreeing with MUPIP INTEG
150378472 DBMBPINCFL, xxxx Master bit map incorrectly marks this local map full
150378450 DBMBSIZMN, xxxx Map block too small
150378440 DBMBSIZMX, xxxx Map block too large
150378459 DBMBTNSIZMX, xxxx Map block transaction number too large
150380634 DBMINRESBYTES, Minimum RESERVED BYTES value required for certification/upgrade is xxx - Currently is yyy
150381098 DBMISALIGN, Database file xxxx has yyyy blocks which does not match alignment rules. Reconstruct the database from a backup or extend it by at least zzzz blocks.
150378200 DBMRKBUSY, xxxx Block incorrectly marked busy
150378194 DBMRKFREE, xxxx Block incorrectly marked free
150378530 DBMXRSEXCMIN, xxxx Maximum record size for database exceeds what the block size can support
150379338 DBNAMEMISMATCH, Database file xxxx (region yyyy) referenced by shared memory (ID=zzzz) is not accessible. Ensure region is properly rundown
150375762 DBNOCRE, Not all specified databases, or their associated journal files were created
150384026 DBNONUMSUBS, kkkk key contains a numeric form of subscript in a global defined to collate all subscripts as strings
150378650 DBNOREGION, None of the database regions accessible
150378626 DBNOTDB, xxxx File does not have a valid GDS file header
150372554 DBNOTGDS, xxxx - Unrecognized database file format
150378226 DBNOTMLTP, xxxx Block size not a multiple of 512 bytes
150383946 DBNULCOL, NULL collation representation for record rrrr in block bbbb is RRRR which differs from the database file header settings of hhhh
150372562 DBOPNERR, Error opening database file xxxx
150377778 DBPREMATEOF, Premature end of file with database file xxxx
150373594 DBPRIVERR, No privilege for attempted update operation for file: xxxx
150374795 DBPTRMAP, xxxx Block pointer is a bit map block number
150374786 DBPTRMX, xxxx Block pointer larger than file maximum
150374778 DBPTRNOTPOS, xxxx Block pointer negative
150376555 DBQUELINK, Database file xxxx, element location yyyy: blk = zzzz: control aaaa queue problem: was bbbb, expecting cccc
150378578 DBRBNLBMN, xxxx Root block number is a local bit map number
150378586 DBRBNNEG, xxxx Root block number negative
150378570 DBRBNTOOLRG, xxxx Root block number greater than the last block number in file
150372570 DBRDERR, Cannot read database file xxxx after opening
150377034 DBRDONLY, Database file xxxx read only
150378546 DBREADBM, xxxx Read error on bitmap
150376418 DBREMOTE, Database region xxxx is remote; perform maintenance on the server node
150378602 DBRLEVLTONE, xxxx Root level less than one
150378594 DBRLEVTOOHI, xxxx Root level higher than maximum
150378946 DBRNDWN, Error during global database rundown for region xxxx. Please notify those responsible for proper database operation.
150379240 DBRNDWNWRN, Global database xxxx not rundown successfully by PID yyyy [zzzz]. Global section was not removed.
150382418 DBROLLEDBACK, Concurrent ONLINE ROLLBACK detected on one or more regions. The current operation is no longer valid
150376491 DBROOTBURN, xxxx Root block has data level
150374698 DBRSIZMN, xxxx Physical record too small
150374706 DBRSIZMX, xxxx Physical record too large
150382026 DBSHMNAMEDIFF, Database file ffff points to shared memory mmmm which points to a different database file
150382746 DBSPANCHUNKORD, xxxx Chunk of yyyy blocks is out of order
150382738 DBSPANGLOINCMP, xxxx Spanning node is missing. Block no yyyy of spanning node is missing
150374731 DBSTARCMP, DBSTARCMP xxxx Star record has nonzero compression count
150374723 DBSTARSIZ, xxxx Star record has wrong size
150378610 DBSVBNMIN, xxxx Start VBN smaller than possible
150378218 DBSZGT64K, xxxx Block size is greater than 64k
150378643 DBTN, Block TN is xxxx
150378666 DBTNLTCTN, Transaction numbers greater than the current transaction were found
150378291 DBTNNEQ, xxxx Current tn and early tn are not equal
150378674 DBTNRESET, Cannot reset transaction number for this region
150378656 DBTNRESETINC, WARNING: tn_reset for database is incomplete due to integrity errors
150378235 DBTNTOOLG, xxxx Block transaction number too large
150378634 DBTOTBLK, File header indicates total blocks is tttt but file size indicates total blocks would be eeee
150378618 DBTTLBLK0, xxxx Total blocks equal zero
150378283 DBUNDACCMT, xxxx Cannot determine access method; trying with BG
150377624 DBVERPERFWARN1, Performance warning: Database aaaa is running in compatibility mode which degrades performance. Run MUPIP REORG UPGRADE for best overall performance.
150378560 DBVERPERFWARN2, Peformance warning: Database aaaa is not fully upgraded. Run MUPIP REORG UPGRADE for best overall performance.
150380547 DBWCVERIFYEND, Database file xxxx, write cache verification finished by pid pppp [aaaa] at transaction number yyyy
150380539 DBWCVERIFYSTART, Database file xxxx, write cache verification started by pid pppp [aaaa] at transaction number bbbb
150634508 DCNINPROG, Attempt to initiate operation while disconnect was in progress
150376978 DELIMSIZNA, Delimiter size is not appropriate
150379722 DELIMWIDTH, Delimiter length xxxx exceeds device width yyyy
150373618 DEVICEREADONLY, Cannot write to a read-only device
150382042 DEVICEWRITEONLY, Cannot read from a write-only device
150376402 DEVNOTIMP, XXXX device not implemented on in this environment
150379354 DEVOPENFAIL, Error opening xxxx
150372586 DEVPARINAP, Device parameter inappropriate to this command
150372658 DEVPARMNEG, Device parameter must be a positive value
150383170 DEVPARMTOOSMALL, Device parameter must be greater than zero (0)
150372610 DEVPARPROT, The protection specification is invalid
150372634 DEVPARTOOBIG, String deviceparameter exceeds 255 character limit
150372642 DEVPARUNK, Device parameter unknown
150372650 DEVPARVALREQ, A value is required for this device parameter
150374594 DIRONLY, Directories only are allowed in file specs: xxxx
150377682 DISTPATHMAX, $ydb_dist path is greater than maximum (xxxx)
150373210 DIVZERO, Attempt to divide by zero
150379738 DLCKAVOIDANCE, Possible deadlock detected: Database pppp: Dbtn qqqq: t_tries rrrr: dollar_trestart ssss: now_crit tttt: TP transaction restarted
150381114 DLLCHSETM, Routine XXX in library YYY was compiled with CHSET=M which is different from $ZCHSET. Recompile with CHSET=UTF-8 and re-link.
150381122 DLLCHSETUTF8, Routine XXX in library YYY was compiled with CHSET=UTF-8 which is different from $ZCHSET. Recompile with CHSET=M and re-link.
150379266 DLLNOCLOSE, Failed to unload external dynamic library
150379250 DLLNOOPEN, Failed to load external dynamic library xxxx
150379258 DLLNORTN, Failed to look up the location of the symbol xxxx
150380210 DLLVERSION, Routine aaaa in library bbbb was compiled with an incompatible version of YottaDB. Recompile with the current version and re-link.
150381074 DLRCILLEGAL, Illegal $CHAR() value xxxx
150375834 DLRCTOOBIG, xxxx value cannot be greater than 255
150375826 DLRCUNXEOR, xxxx unexpected end of record in $CHAR()/$ZCHAR() subscript
150372666 DSEBLKRDFAIL, Failed attempt to read block
150372674 DSEFAIL, DSE failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150375288 DSEINVLCLUSFN, Specified function is invalid for clustered databases
150383410 DSEMAXBLKSAV, DSE cannot SAVE another block as it already has the maximum of mmmm
150379194 DSENOFINISH, DSE unable to finish all requested actions
150383378 DSENOTOPEN, DSE could not open region rrrr - see DSE startup error message for cause
150375280 DSEONLYBGMM, xxxx is supported only for BG/MM access methods
150374147 DSEWCINITCON, No action taken, enter YES at CONFIRMATION prompt to initialize global buffers
150382427 DSEWCREINIT, Database cache reinitialized by DSE for region rrrr
150382675 DSKNOSPCAVAIL, Attempted write to file FFFF failed due to lack of disk space. Retrying indefinitely.
150382682 DSKNOSPCBLOCKED, Retry of write to file FFFF suspended due to new instance freeze. Waiting for instance to be unfrozen.
150377531 DSKSPACEFLOW, Disk space for file xxxx nearing maximum size. YYYY blocks available.
150382691 DSKSPCAVAILABLE, Write to file FFFF succeeded after out-of-space condition cleared.
150384082 DSKSPCCHK, Error while checking for available disk space to create file DDDD
150377040 DUPTN, Duplicate transaction found [TN = xxxx] at offset aaaa in journal file yyyy
150372530 DUPTOKEN, Token xxxx is duplicate in the journal file yyyy for database zzzz
150372706 DVIKEYBAD, $ZGETDVI(“xxxx”,”yyyy”) contains an illegal keyword
150380698 DYNUPGRDFAIL, Unable to dynamically upgrade block 0xaaa in database yyy due to lack of free space in block
150381914 DZTRIGINTRIG, $ZTRIGGER() is not allowed inside trigger context. Trigger name: nnnn
150381394 DZWRNOALIAS, $ZWRTAC cannot be aliased.
150381386 DZWRNOPAREN, $ZWRTACxxx is not allowed inside a parenthesized SET target
150379696 ECLOSTMID, $ECODE overflow, the first and last ecodes are retained, but some intervening ecodes have been lost
150383858 ENCRYPTCONFLT, MUPIP REORG -ENCRYPT and MUPIP EXTRACT -FORMAT=BIN cannot run concurrently - skipping oooo on region: rrrr, file: ffff
150373296 ENCRYPTCONFLT2, A concurrent MUPIP REORG -ENCRYPT changed the encryption key for RRRR before the process could initialize it
150381035 ENDIANCVT, Converted database file xxxx from yyyy endian to zzzz endian on a wwww endian system
150382699 ENOSPCQIODEFER, Write to file FFFF deferred due to lack of disk space
150372914 EORNOTFND, xxxx End of record not found
150380786 EPOCHTNHI, At the EPOCH record at offset xxxx of yyyy transaction number [0xaaaa] is higher than database transaction number [0xbbbb]
150372722 EQUAL, Equal sign expected but not found
150376722 ERRCALL, Error called from xxxx line yyyy
150372730 ERRORSUMMARY, Errors occurred during compilation
150379578 ERRWETRAP, Error while processing $ETRAP
150372738 ERRWEXC, Error while processing exception string
150372746 ERRWIOEXC, Error while processing I/O exception string
150372754 ERRWZBRK, Error while processing ZBREAK action string
150379874 ERRWZINTR, Error while processing $ZINTERRUPT
150372762 ERRWZTRAP, Error while processing $ZTRAP
150377346 EVENTLOGERR, Error in event logging subsystem
150377592 EXCLUDEREORG, Global: xxxx is present in the EXCLUDE option. REORG will skip the global.
150503443 EXECOM, Executing command file xxxx
150372778 EXPR, Expression expected but not found
150374138 EXTGBLDEL, Invalid delimiter for extended global syntax
150375163 EXTRACTCTRLY, User interrupt encountered during extract, halting
150374866 EXTRACTFILERR, Error with extract file xxxx
150374890 EXTRFAIL, Extract failed for the global gggg. MUPIP INTEG should be run.
150382242 EXTRFILEXISTS, Error opening output file: ffff – File exists
150377091 EXTRFMT, Extract error: bad format type. Must be ZWR, GO, or BINARY.
150383826 EXTRINTEGRITY, Database ffff potentially contains spanning nodes or data encrypted with two different keys
150376699 EXTSRCLIN, xxxx yyyy
150376707 EXTSRCLOC, At column xxxx, line yyyy, source module zzzz
150384330 FAILEDRECCOUNT, LOAD unable to process MMMM records
150374442 FALLINTOFLST, Fall-through to a label with formallist is not allowed
151027804 FATALERROR1, Fatal error raised. Generating core and terminating process
151027828 FATALERROR2, Fatal error raised. Bypassing core generation and terminating process
150372802 FCHARMAXARGS, Argument count of $CHAR() function exceeded the maximum of 255
150372810 FCNSVNEXPECTED, Function or special variable expected in this context
150375715 FILECREATE, AAAA file xxxx created
150384098 FILECREERR, Error OOOO for file DDDD during DB creation
150375555 FILEDEL, File xxxx successfully deleted
150380320 FILEDELFAIL, Deletion of file xxxx failed
150379914 FILEEXISTS, File xxxx already exists
150377634 FILEIDGBLSEC, File ID in global section does not match with the database file
150376690 FILEIDMATCH, Saved File ID does not match the current ID - the file appears to have been moved
150379978 FILENAMETOOLONG, File name too long
150375723 FILENOTCREATE, AAAA file xxxx not created
150374338 FILENOTFND, File xxxx not found
150377690 FILEOPENFAIL, Failed to open file ffff.
150374602 FILEPARSE, Error parsing file specification: xxxx
150378835 FILERENAME, File xxxx is renamed to yyyy
150379290 FILTERBADCONV, Bad conversion of transaction xxxx by filter
150379282 FILTERCOMM, Error communicating transaction xxxx with the filter
150379274 FILTERNOTALIVE, Replication server detected that the filter is not alive while attempting to send transaction xxxx
150383242 FILTERTIMEDOUT, Replication server timed out attempting to read seqno ssss from external filter
150374466 FMLLSTMISSING, The formal list is absent from a label called with an actual list: xxxx
150372818 FNARGINC, Format specifiers to $FNUMBER are incompatible: “xxxx”
150376002 FNNAMENEG, Depth argument to $NAME cannot be negative
150375026 FNOTONSYS, Function or special variable is not supported by this operating system
150384066 FNTRANSERROR, Buffer too small error occurred trying to translate filename FFFF
150372842 FNUMARG, $FNUMBER format specifier xxxx contains an illegal character: yyyy
150374364 FORCEDHALT, Image HALTed by MUPIP STOP
150372850 FOROFLOW, FOR commands nested too deeply
150376960 FREEBLKSLOW, Only bbbb free blocks left out of tttt total blocks for ffff
150379050 FREEMEMORY, Error occurred freeing memory
150374875 FREEZE, Region: xxxx is already frozen
150376307 FREEZECTRL, Control Y or control C encountered during attempt to freeze the database. Aborting freeze.
150381402 FREEZEERR, Error while trying to ffff region rrrr
150374578 FSEXP, File specification expected but not found
150377506 FSYNCTIMOUT, Timed out on fsync for journal file xxxx
150379418 FTOKERR, Error getting ftok of the file xxxx
150382995 FTOKKEY, FTOK key 0xnnnn
150381882 GBLEXPECTED, Global variable reference expected in this context
150377306 GBLMODFAIL, Global variable Conflict Test failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150504082 GBLNAMCOLLRANGE, Collation sequence #nnnn is out of range (0 thru 255)
150504050 GBLNAMCOLLUNDEF, Error opening shared library of collation sequence #nnnn for GBLNAME gggg
150504098 GBLNAMCOLLVER, Global directory indicates GBLNAME gggg has collation sequence #nnnn with a version #vvvv but shared library reports different version #llll
150372874 GBLNAME, Either an identifier or a left parenthesis is expected after a ^ in this context
150503907 GBLNAMEIS, is gblname gggg
150379779 GBLNOEXIST, Global xxxx no longer exists
150383202 GBLNOMAPTOREG, Global gggg does not map to region rrrr in current global directory
150372882 GBLOFLOW, Database segment is full
150377642 GBLSECNOTGDS, Global section xxxx is not a YottaDB global section
150503459 GDCREATE, Creating global directory File xxxx
150504106 GDEASYNCIONOMM, ssss segment has ASYNCIO turned on. Cannot support MM access method
150503467 GDECHECK, Internal GDE consistency check
150503874 GDECRYPTNOMM, ssss segment has encryption turned on. Cannot support MM access method
150374514 GDINVALID, Unrecognized Global Directory file format: ffff, expected label: eeee, found: bbbb
150503843 GDNOTSET, Global Directory not changed because the current GD cannot be written
150503835 GDREADERR, Error reading Global Directory: xxxx
150503475 GDUNKNFMT, xxxx is not formatted as a global directory
150503483 GDUPDATE, Updating Global Directory File xxxx
150503491 GDUSEDEFS, Using defaults for Global Directory xxxx
150383114 GETADDRINFO, Error in getting address info
150383122 GETNAMEINFO, Error in getting name info
150380234 GETSOCKNAMERR, Getting the socket name failed from getsockname(): (errno==aaaa) xxxx
150379178 GETSOCKOPTERR, Getting the socket attribute xxxx failed: (errno == yyyy) zzzz
150375611 GOQPREC, Numeric precision in key error: Blk #xxxx, Key #yyyy. Record not loaded.
150376532 GTMASSERT, xxxx - assert failed yyyy line zzzz
150382164 GTMASSERT2, YottaDB eeee - Assert failed LLLL for expression (eeee)
150372900 GTMCHECK, Internal YottaDB error. Report to YottaDB Support.
150377714 GTMDISTUNDEF, Environmental variable $ydb_dist is not defined
150383442 GTMDISTUNVERIF, Environment variable $ydb_dist (dddd) could not be verified against the executables path (pppp)
150382866 GTMEISDIR, dddd : Is a directory
150376938 GTMSECSHR, xxxx Error during GTMSECSHR operation
150382794 GTMSECSHRBADDIR, gtmsecshr is not running from $ydb_dist/gtmsecshrdir or $ydb_dist cannot be determined
150381986 GTMSECSHRCHDIRF, GTMSECSHR process error: GTMSECSHR is not able to change directory to its temporary directory, dddd
150373907 GTMSECSHRDMNSTARTED, [client pid pppp] File (ffff) removed
150378074 GTMSECSHRFORKF, GTMSECSHR server unable to fork off a child process
150377018 GTMSECSHRGETSEMFAIL, error getting semaphore errno = xxxx
150382786 GTMSECSHRISNOT, gtmsecshr is not running as gtmsecshr but xxxxx - must be gtmsecshr
150382778 GTMSECSHRNOARG0, gtmsecshr cannot identify its origin - argv[0] is null
150378040 GTMSECSHROPCMP, GTMSECSHR operation may be compromised
150377706 GTMSECSHRPERM, The GTMSECSHR module in $ydb_dist does not have the correct permission and UID
150378018 GTMSECSHRRECVF, GTMSECSHR receive on server socket failed
150375699 GTMSECSHRREMFILE, [client pid pppp] File (ffff) removed
150374498 GTMSECSHRREMSEM, [client pid pppp] Semaphore (ssss) removed
150374458 GTMSECSHRREMSEMFAIL, error removing semaphore errno = xxxx
150375691 GTMSECSHRREMSHM, [client pid pppp] Shared memory segment (ssss) removed, nattch = nnnn
150378002 GTMSECSHRSCKSEL, GTMSECSHR select on socket failed
150373890 GTMSECSHRSEMGET, semget error errno = xxxx
150378026 GTMSECSHRSENDF, GTMSECSHR send on server socket failed
150378056 GTMSECSHRSGIDF, GTMSECSHR server setGID to root failed
150375650 GTMSECSHRSHMCONCPROC, More than one process attached to Shared memory segment (ssss) not removed (nnnn)
150378755 GTMSECSHRSHUTDN, GTMSECSHR process has received a shutdown request. Shutting down.
150374818 GTMSECSHRSOCKET, xxxx - yyyy; Error initializing GTMSECSHR socket
150376298 GTMSECSHRSRVF, Client - yyyy; Attempt to service request failed (retry = zzzz)
150376944 GTMSECSHRSRVFID, xxxx: yyyy - Attempt to service request failed. Client ID: zzzz, mesg ID: aaaa, mesg code: bbbb
150376952 GTMSECSHRSRVFIL, xxxx: yyyy; Attempt to service request failed. Client ID: zzzz, mesg type: aaaa, file: bbbb
150378064 GTMSECSHRSSIDF, GTMSECSHR server setSID failed
150377618 GTMSECSHRSTART, xxxx - yyyy; GTMSECSHR failed to startup
150378048 GTMSECSHRSUIDF, GTMSECSHR server setUID to root failed
150378011 GTMSECSHRTMOUT, GTMSECSHR exiting due to idle timeout
150381251 GTMSECSHRTMPPATH, gtmsecshr path is pppp
150375875 GTMSECSHRUPDDBHDR, [client pid pppp] database fileheader (dddd) updated iiii
150372906 GVDATAFAIL, Global variable $DATA function failed. Failure code: xxxx
150381714 GVDATAGETFAIL, Global variable DATAGET sub-operation (in KILL function) failed. Failure code: cccc.
150379818 GVFAILCORE, A core file is being generated for later analysis if necessary
150372922 GVGETFAIL, Global variable retrieval failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150377538 GVINCRFAIL, Global variable $INCR failed. Failure code: xxxx
150372626 GVINVALID, xxxx Invalid global name
150372931 GVIS, Global variable: xxxx
150372938 GVKILLFAIL, Global variable kill failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150372946 GVNAKED, Illegal naked global reference
150374130 GVNAKEDEXTNM, Cannot reference different Global Directory in a naked reference
150372954 GVNEXTARG, Argument to global variable $NEXT must be subscripted
150372962 GVORDERFAIL, Global variable $ORDER or $NEXT function failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150372970 GVPUTFAIL, Global variable put failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150375178 GVQUERYFAIL, Global variable $QUERY function failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150379306 GVQUERYGETFAIL, Global variable QUERY and GET failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150375946 GVREPLERR, Error replicating global in region xxxx
150374314 GVRUNDOWN, Error during global database rundown
150372986 GVSUBOFLOW, Maximum combined length of global subscripts exceeded
150372994 GVUNDEF, Global variable undefined: xxxx
150374410 GVZPREVFAIL, Global variable $ZPREVIOUS function failed. Failure code: xxxx
150381890 GVZTRIGFAIL, ZTRIGGER of a global variable failed. Failure code: cccc.
150383546 HLPPROC, Helper Process error
150383106 HOSTCONFLICT, Host hhhh could not open database file dddd because it is marked as already open on node nnnn
150376442 HTOFLOW, Hash table overflow, local or region name space exceeded
150380560 HTSHRINKFAIL, Hash table compaction failed to allocate new smaller table due to lack of memory
150382050 ICUERROR, ICU returned status ssss which is either unrecognized or inconsistent with the operating context
150377504 ICUNOTENABLED, ICU libraries not loaded
150381514 ICUSYMNOTFOUND, Symbol xxxxx not found in ICU libraries. ICU needs to be built with symbol-renaming disabled or ydb_icu_version environment variable needs to be specified
150381506 ICUVERLT36, Type 1 - $ydb_icu_version is aaa.bbb. ICU version greater than or equal to 3.6 should be used. Type 2 - libicuio has version aaa.bbb. ICU version greater than or equal to 3.6 should be used
150374802 IFBADPARM, External Interface Bad Parameter
150374810 IFNOTINIT, External Interface must first call GTM$INIT or M routine
150382459 IGNBMPMRKFREE, Ignoring bitmap free-up operation for region rrrr (dddd) due to concurrent ONLINE ROLLBACK
150503498 ILLCHAR, xxxx is not a legal character in this context
150379154 ILLESOCKBFSIZE, The specified socket buffer size is xxxx, which is either 0 or too big
150377698 IMAGENAME, The executing module name should be xxxx instead of yyyy
150373010 INDEXTRACHARS, Indirection string contains extra trailing characters
150381770 INDRCOMPFAIL, Compilation of indirection failed
150373026 INDRMAXLEN, Maximum length xxxxx of an indirection argument was exceeded
150382770 INITORRESUME, UPDATERESYNC on a Supplementary Instance must additionally specify INITIALIZE or RESUME
150503508 INPINTEG, Input integrity error – aborting load
150382186 INSNOTJOINED, Replicating Instance RRRR is not a member of the same Group as Instance IIII
150382194 INSROLECHANGE, Supplementary Instance SSSS and non-Supplementary Instance IIII belong to the same Group
150383139 INSTFRZDEFER, Instance Freeze initiated by eeee error on region rrrrr deferred due to critical resource conflict.
151027778 INSUFFSUBS, Return subscript array for an API call too small
150382202 INSUNKNOWN, Supplementary Instance SSSS has no instance definition for non-Supplementary Instance IIII
150373042 INTEGERRS, Database integrity errors
150376642 INVACCMETHOD, Invalid access method
150376346 INVADDRSPEC, Invalid IP address specification
150376890 INVALIDRIP, Invalid read-in-progress field in Cache Record. Resetting and continuing. Region: xxxx.
150376154 INVBITLEN, Invalid size of the bit string
150376170 INVBITPOS, Invalid position in the bit string
150376162 INVBITSTR, Invalid bit string
150373048 INVCMD, Invalid command keyword encountered
150376986 INVCTLMNE, Invalid control mnemonics
150381090 INVDLRCVAL, Invalid $CHAR() value.
150379498 INVECODEVAL, Invalid value for $ECODE (xxxx).
150380354 INVERRORLIM, Invalid ERROR_LIMIT qualifier value. Must be at least zero
150373058 INVFCN, Invalid function name
150503851 INVGBLDIR, Invalid Global Directory spec: xxxx. Continuing with yyyy.
150375738 INVGLOBALQUAL, Error in GLOBAL qualifier : Parse error at offset xxxx in yyyy
150380362 INVIDQUAL, Invalid ID qualifier value xxxx
150568994 INVINTMSG, Invalid interrupt message received
150383522 INVLINKTMPDIR, Value for $ydb_linktmpdir is either not found or not a directory: dddd
151027930 INVLNPAIRLIST, Invalid lockname/subscript pair list (uneven number of lockname/subscript parameters)
150383802 INVLOCALE, Attempt to reset locale to supplied value of $ydb_locale xxxx failed
150381264 INVMEMRESRV, Could not allocate YottaDB memory reserve (xxxx)
150379794 INVMNEMCSPC, Unsupported mnemonicspace xxxx
150375636 INVMVXSZ, Invalid block size for GOQ load format
151027818 INVNAMECOUNT, Number of varnames cannot be less than zero
150375194 INVNETFILNM, Invalid file name following node designation in global directory
150373066 INVOBJ, Cannot ZLINK object file due to unexpected format
150380986 INVOBJFILE, Cannot ZLINK object file ffff due to unexpected format
150376338 INVPORTSPEC, Invalid port specification
150568970 INVPROT, Invalid protocol specified by remote partner
150380330 INVQUALTIME, Invalid time qualifier value. Specify as xxxx=delta_or_absolute_time.
150380346 INVREDIRQUAL, Invalid REDIRECT qualifier value. xxxx
150377746 INVROLLBKLVL, Rollback level (xxxx) not less than the current $tlevel (yyyy). Cannot rollback.
150384314 INVSEQNOQUAL, Invalid SEQNO qualifier value xxxx
150374058 INVSPECREC, Invalid global modifier record
150379514 INVSTACODE, Invalid value for second parameter of $STACK (xxxx).
150384146 INVSTATSDB, Database file SSSS associated with statistics database region RRRR is not a valid statistics database
150375522 INVSTRLEN, Invalid string length xxxx: max yyyy
150373074 INVSVN, Invalid special variable name
150383714 INVTMPDIR, Value for $ydb_tmp is either not found or not a directory: dddd - Reverting to default value
151027938 INVTPTRANS, Invalid TP transaction - either invalid TP token or transaction not in progress
150382114 INVTRCGRP, Invalid trace group specified in $ydb_trace_groups: gggg
150380370 INVTRNSQUAL, Invalid TRANSACTION qualifier. Specify only one of TRANSACTION=[NO]SET or TRANSACTION=[NO]KILL.
151027762 INVVARNAME, Invalid local/global/ISV variable name supplied to API call
150380242 INVYDBEXIT, Inappropriate invocation of ydb_exit. ydb_exit cannot be invoked from external calls
150383706 INVZBREAK, Cannot set ZBREAK in direct mode routine (GTM$DMOD)
150379762 INVZDIRFORM, Illegal value (xxxx) specified for ZDIR_FORM
150380218 INVZROENT, xxxx is neither a directory nor an object library(DLL)
150375506 INVZSTEP, Invalid ZSTEP qualifier
150373082 IOEOF, Attempt to read past an end-of-file
150381546 IOERROR, Error occurred while doing aaaa in oooo operation – called from module mmmm at line LLLL
150373090 IONOTOPEN, Attempt to USE an I/O device which has not been opened
150374330 IORUNDOWN, Error during image rundown
150379010 IOWRITERR, IO write by PID xxxx to block yyyy of database zzzz failed. PID aaaa retrying the IO.
150379363 IPCNOTDEL, xxxx : yyyy did not delete IPC resources for region zzzz
150377546 ISOLATIONSTSCHN, Error changing NOISOLATION status for global xxxx within a TP transaction from aaaa to bbbb
150383210 ISSPANGBL, Operation cannot be performed on global ^gggg as it spans multiple regions in current global directory
150382154 JIUNHNDINT, An error during $ZINTERRUPT processing was not handled: eeee;
150373818 JNI, xxxx
150372826 JNLACCESS, Error accessing journal file xxxx
150375808 JNLACTINCMPLT, Mupip journal action might be incomplete
150379803 JNLALIGNSZCHG, Journal ALIGNSIZE is rounded up to xxxx blocks (closest next higher power of two)
150380392 JNLALIGNTOOSM, Alignsize xxxx (bytes) is smaller than block size yyyy (bytes) for aaaa bbbb. Using alignsize of cccc (bytes) instead.
150382107 JNLALLOCGROW, Increased Journal ALLOCATION from [ssss blocks] to [aaaa blocks] to match AUTOSWITCHLIMIT for ffff nnnn
150375562 JNLBADLABEL, Specified File xxxx does not have a YottaDB Journal File Label
150377362 JNLBADRECFMT, Journal Record Format Error encountered for file xxxx at disk address yyyy
150382808 JNLBUFFDBUPD, Journal file buffer size for database file dddd has been adjusted from xxxx to yyyy
150384235 JNLBUFFPHS2SALVAGE, Salvaged journal records from process PPPP for database file DDDD at transaction number NNNN and journal-sequence-number/unique-token JJJJ with journal file starting at offset OOOO and length LLLL
150382800 JNLBUFFREGUPD, Journal file buffer size for region rrrr has been adjusted from xxxx to yyyy
150378843 JNLBUFINFO, Pid aaaa dsk bbbb free cccc bytcnt dddd io_in_prog eeee fsync_in_prog ffff dskaddr gggg freeaddr hhhh qiocnt iiii now_writer xxxx fsync_pid yyyy filesize zzzz cycle oooo errcnt pppp wrtsize qqqq fsync_dskaddr rrrr
150373466 JNLCLOSE, Error closing journal file: xxxx
150381210 JNLCLOSED, Journaling closed for database file dddd at transaction number xxx
150376866 JNLCNTRL, Journal control unsynchronized for ffff.
150379939 JNLCREATE, Journal file xxxx created for <database/region> yyyy with aaaa
150380192 JNLCRESTATUS, xxxx at line aaaa for journal file yyyy, database file zzzz encountered error
150380482 JNLCYCLE, Journal file xxxx causes cycle in the journal file generations of database file yyyy
150373298 JNLDBERR, Journal file xxxx does not correspond to database yyyy
150383786 JNLDBSEQNOMATCH, Journal file ffff has beginning region sequence number jjjj but database dddd has region sequence number ssss
150374210 JNLDBTNNOMATCH, Journal file xxxx has beginning transaction number aaaa but database yyyy has current transaction number bbbb
150379904 JNLDISABLE, Specified journal option(s) cannot take effect as journaling is DISABLED on database file xxxx
150381690 JNLENDIANBIG, Journal file jjjj is BIG endian on a LITTLE endian system
150381682 JNLENDIANLITTLE, Journal file jjjj is LITTLE endian on a BIG endian system
150372794 JNLEXTEND, Journal file extension error for file xxxx.
150376410 JNLEXTR, Error writing journal extract file: xxxx
150384306 JNLEXTRCTSEQNO, Journal Extracts based on sequence numbers are restricted to a single region when replication is OFF
150380410 JNLFILECLOSERR, Error closing journal file xxxx
150381594 JNLFILEDUP, Journal files xxxx and yyyy are the same
150380402 JNLFILEOPNERR, Error opening journal file xxxx
150379842 JNLFILEXTERR, Error during extension of journal file xxxx
150377338 JNLFILNOTCHG, Journal file not changed
150373306 JNLFILOPN, Error opening journal file xxxx for database file yyyy
150382978 JNLFILRDOPN, Error opening journal file xxxx for read for database file yyyy
150376315 JNLFLUSH, Error flushing journal buffers to journal file xxxx
150379120 JNLFLUSHNOPROG, No progress while attempting to flush journal file xxxx
150379955 JNLFNF, Journal file xxxx not found
150377498 JNLFSYNCERR, Error synchronizing journal file xxxx to disk
150379712 JNLFSYNCLSTCK, Journaling fsync lock is stuck in journal file jjjj
150373322 JNLINVALID, xxxx is not a valid journal file Region: yyyy
150375656 JNLINVALLOC, Journal file allocation xxxx is not within the valid range of yyyy to zzzz. Journal file not created.
150375664 JNLINVEXT, Journal file extension xxxx is greater than the maximum allowed size of yyyy. Journal file not created.
150379674 JNLINVSWITCHLMT, Specified AUTOSWITCHLIMIT xxxx falls outside of allowed limits aaaa and bbbb
150377176 JNLMINALIGN, Journal Record Alignment xxxx is less than the minimum value of yyyy
150377082 JNLMOVED, Journal file appears to have been moved. Journaling activity will not be done.
150378882 JNLNEWREC, Target system cannot recognize journal record of type xxxx. Last recognized type is yyyy.
150377258 JNLNMBKNOTPRCD, Journal file xxxx does not match the current journal file yyyy of database file zzzz
150380378 JNLNOBIJBACK, MUPIP JOURNAL BACKWARD cannot continue as journal file xxxx does not have before image journaling
150379946 JNLNOCREATE, Journal file xxxx not created
150382090 JNLNOREPL, Replication not enabled for journal file jjjj (database file dddd)
150376650 JNLOPNERR, Error opening journal file xxxx for region yyyy
150381994 JNLORDBFLU, Error flushing database blocks to dddd. See related messages in the operator log
150381016 JNLPOOLBADSLOT, Source server slot for secondary instance xxxx is in an inconsistent state. Pid = pppp, State = ssss, SlotIndex = iiii
150384243 JNLPOOLPHS2SALVAGE, Salvaged journal records from process PPPP for replication instance file iiii at journal sequence number JJJJ with journal pool starting offset OOOO and length LLLL
150383866 JNLPOOLRECOVERY, The size of the data written to the journal pool (xxxx) does not match the size of the data in the journal record (yyyy) for the replication instance file zzzz. The journal pool has been recovered.
150377194 JNLPOOLSETUP, Journal Pool setup error
150380490 JNLPREVRECOV, Journal file has nonzero value in prev_recov_end_of_data field
150375728 JNLPROCSTUCK, Journal file writes blocked by process xxxx
150378795 JNLPVTINFO, Pid aaaa cycle mmmm fd_mismatch nnnn channel rrrr sync_io ssss pini_addr xxxx qio_active yyyy old_channel zzzz
150383011 JNLQIOSALVAGE, Journal IO lock salvaged
150373226 JNLRDERR, Error reading journal file xxxx: unable to initialize.
150377386 JNLRDONLY, Journal file xxxx read only
150377170 JNLREAD, Error reading from journal file xxxx at offset yyyy
150372698 JNLREADBOF, Beginning of journal file encountered for xxxx
150375570 JNLREADEOF, End of journal file encountered for xxxx
150375578 JNLRECFMT, Journal file record format error encountered
150382098 JNLRECINCMPL, Incomplete journal record at disk address aaaa for file jjjj while attempting to read seqno ssss
150376658 JNLRECTYPE, Journal record type does not match expected type
150380043 JNLSENDOPER, pid = aaaa : status = bbbb : jpc_status = cccc : jpc_status2 = dddd : iosb.cond = eeee
150378874 JNLSETDATA2LONG, SET journal record has data of length xxxx. Target system cannot handle more than yyyy bytes.
150375771 JNLSPACELOW, Journal file xxxx nearing maximum size, aaaa blocks to go
150379923 JNLSTATE, Journaling state for <database/region> xxxx is now yyyy
150377202 JNLSTATEOFF, ROLLBACK or RECOVER BACKWARD cannot proceed as database file xxxx does not have journaling ENABLED and ON
150372865 JNLSUCCESS, xxxx successful
150384186 JNLSWITCHFAIL, Failed to switch journal file xxxx for database file yyyy
150384179 JNLSWITCHRETRY, Retrying previously abandoned switch of journal file jjjj for database dddd
150380011 JNLSWITCHSZCHG, Journal AUTOSWITCHLIMIT [aaaa blocks] is rounded down to [bbbb blocks] to equal the sum of journal ALLOCATION
150380002 JNLSWITCHTOOSM, Journal AUTOSWITCHLIMIT [aaaa blocks] is less than journal ALLOCATION [bbbb blocks] for database file xxxx
150374354 JNLTMQUAL1, Time qualifier BEFORE_TIME=xxxx is less than SINCE_TIME=yyyy
150374506 JNLTMQUAL2, Time qualifier LOOKBACK_TIME=xxxx is later than SINCE_TIME=yyyy
150373426 JNLTMQUAL3, Time qualifier BEFORE_TIME=xxxx is less than the journal file(s) minimum timestamp=yyyy
150375682 JNLTMQUAL4, Time qualifier BEFORE_TIME=”xxxx is less than AFTER_TIME=”yyyy”
150374282 JNLTNOUTOFSEQ, End transaction aaaa of journal xxxx different from Begin transaction bbbb of next generation journal yyyy
150380304 JNLTPNEST, Mupip journal command found nested TP transactions for journal file jjjj at offset oooo at transaction number nnnn
150379994 JNLTRANS2BIG, Transaction needs an estimated [aaaa blocks] in journal file xxxx which exceeds the AUTOSWITCHLIMIT of bbbb
150376666 JNLTRANSGTR, Transaction number in journal is greater than in database
150376674 JNLTRANSLSS, Transaction number in journal is less than in database
150380802 JNLUNXPCTERR, Unexpected error encountered for Journal aaaa at disk address 0xbbbb
150376914 JNLVSIZE, Journal File xxxx has incorrect virtual_filesize aaaa Allocation is bbbb extension is cccc filesize is dddd file_system_block_size is eeee
150376682 JNLWRERR, Error writing journal file xxxx. Undable to update header Region: yyyy
150373691 JNLWRTDEFER, Journal write start deferred
150379690 JOBACTREF, Actual parameter in job command passed by reference
150379851 JOBEXAMDONE, YottaDB process aaaa completed job examine to xxxx
150379858 JOBEXAMFAIL, YottaDB process aaaa executing $ZJOBEXAM function failed with the preceding error message
150373114 JOBFAIL, JOB command failure
150373122 JOBLABOFF, Label and offset not found in created process
150383642 JOBLVN2LONG, The zwrite representation of a local variable transferred to a JOB’d process is too long. The zwrite representation cannot exceed MMMM. Encountered size: LLLL
150373130 JOBPARNOVAL, This job parameter cannot take a value
150373138 JOBPARNUM, The value of this job parameter must be an integer
150373146 JOBPARSTR, The value of this job parameter must be a string
150375978 JOBPARTOOLONG, Total parameter length is too long for job command
150373154 JOBPARUNK, Job parameter unknown
150373162 JOBPARVALREQ, A value is required for this job parameter
150378714 JOBSETUP, Error receiving aaaa from parent process
150377186 JOBSTARTCMDFAIL, JOB command STARTUP script invocation failed.
150382610 JRTNULLFAIL, Applying NULL journal record failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150373170 JUSTFRACT, Fraction specifier to $JUSTIFY cannot be negative
150373178 KEY2BIG, Key size (xxxx) is greater than maximum (yyyy) for region zzzz
150503891 KEYFORBLK, But block size bbbb and reserved bytes rrrr limit key size to kkkk.
150503523 KEYSIZIS, Key size is xxxx
150503515 KEYTOOBIG, But record size xxxx can only support key size yyyy
150503530 KEYWRDAMB, xxxx is ambiguous for yyyy
150503538 KEYWRDBAD, xxxx is not a valid yyyy in this context
150381336 KILLABANDONED, Abandoned kills counter is greater than zero for file ffff, tttt
150377788 KILLBYSIG, Process xxxx has been killed by a signal yyyy
150377804 KILLBYSIGSINFO1, iiii process xxxx has been killed by a signal yyyy at address aaaa (vaddr bbbb)
150377812 KILLBYSIGSINFO2, iiii process xxxx has been killed by a signal yyyy at address aaaa
150381244 KILLBYSIGSINFO3, iiii process xxxx has been killed by a signal yyyy accessing vaddress aaaa
150377796 KILLBYSIGUINFO, Process xxxx has been killed by a signal yyyy from process zzzz with userid number aaaa
150373186 LABELEXPECTED, Label expected in this context
150373194 LABELMISSING, Label referenced but not defined : xxxx
150383506 LABELNOTFND, GOTO referenced a label that does not exist
150374394 LABELONLY, Routine xxxx was compiled for label-only entry.
150373202 LABELUNKNOWN, Label referenced but not defined
150374155 LASTFILCMPLD, The file currently being compiled is xxxx
150383672 LASTWRITERBYPAS, The last writer for database file xxxx bypassed the rundown
150375145 LCKGONE, Lock removed: xxxx
150375186 LCKSCANCELLED, Error on remote node holding locks or zallocates. All locks and zallocates cancelled.
150375361 LCKSGONE, Locks selected for deletion removed
150375880 LCKSTIMOUT, DAL timed lock request expired
150374898 LDBINFMT, Unrecognized header for load file
150375618 LDGOQFMT, Corrupt GOQ format header information
150382834 LDSPANGLOINCMP, Incomplete spanning node found during load!/!_!_at File offset : oooo
151027738 LIBYOTTAMISMTCH, $ydb_dist/ does not match the shared library path
150375108 LINKVERSION, This image must be relinked with the current version of YottaDB
150377442 LISTENPASSBND, Controlmnemonic LISTEN can be applied to PASSIVE socket which is in the state BOUND ONLY
150381304 LITNONGRAPH, standard requires graphics in string literals; found non-printable: $ZCHAR(cccc)
150379202 LKENOFINISH, LKE unable to finish all requested actions
150373218 LKNAMEXPECTED, An identifier is expected after a ^ in this context
150374322 LKRUNDOWN, Error during lock database rundown
150375050 LKSECINIT, Error creating lock section for database xxxx
150634516 LNKNOTIDLE, Attempt to initiate operation before previous operation completed
150375018 LOADABORT, Aborting load at record xxxx
150374826 LOADBGSZ, Load error: BEGIN too small. No records loaded.
150380850 LOADBGSZ2, Load error: BEGIN too large. No records loaded
150375123 LOADCTRLY, Control Y encountered during load. Load halting.
150374386 LOADEDBG, Load error: END smaller than BEGIN. No records loaded.
150374538 LOADEDSZ, Load error: END too small. No records loaded.
150380858 LOADEDSZ2, Load error: END too large. No records loaded.
150374370 LOADEOF, Load error: EOF reached prior to BEGIN record xxxx No records loaded
150374842 LOADFILERR, Error with load file xxxx
150374834 LOADFMT, Load error: bad format type. Must be GO, BINARY, or GOQ.
150503547 LOADGD, Loading Global Directory xxxx
150381106 LOADINVCHSET, Extract file CHSET xxx is incompatible with ydb_chset.
150384339 LOADRECCNT, Last EXTRACT record processed by LOAD: RRRR
150373234 LOADRUNNING, Cannot ZLINK an active routine xxxx
150378858 LOCALSOCKREQ, LOCAL socket required
150382818 LOCKINCR2HIGH, Attempt to increment a LOCK more than LLLL times
150382827 LOCKIS, Resource name: RRRR
150381538 LOCKSPACEFULL, No more room for LOCK slots on database file ffff
150382603 LOCKSPACEINFO, Region: rrrr: processes on queue: pppp/qqqq; LOCK slots in use: llll/kkkk; name space not full
150382147 LOCKSPACEUSE, Estimated free lock space: xxx% of pppp pages.
150382618 LOCKSUB2LONG, Following subscript is xxxx bytes long which exceeds 255 byte limit.
150383872 LOCKTIMINGINTP, A LOCK at pppp within a TP transaction is waiting in a final TP retry, which may lead to a general response gap
150503555 LOGOFF, No longer logging to file xxxx
150503563 LOGON, Logging to file xxxx
150381354 LOGTOOLONG, Environment variable eeee is too long. Maximum length allowed is llll bytes.
150378768 LOWSPACECRE, Disk space for database file xxxx is not enough for yyyy future extension. aaaa blocks are needed, only bbbb available.
150384323 LOWSPC, WARNING: Database DDDD has less than PPPP% of the total block space remaining. Blocks Used: UUUU Total Blocks Available: AAAA
150373242 LPARENMISSING, Left parenthesis expected
150373554 LPARENREQD, xxxx Left parenthesis expected
150377002 LQLENGTHNA, Listening queue length xxxx not appropriate, it should be between 1 and 5
150373250 LSEXPECTED, A line separator is expected here
150381920 LSINSERTED, Line YYYY, source module XXXX exceeds maximum source line length; line seperator inserted, terminating scope of any prior IF, ELSE, or FOR
150375938 LVNULLSUBS, Null subscripts not allowed in local variables
150373258 LVORDERARG, Argument to local variable $NEXT must be subscripted
150503570 LVSTARALON, The * name cannot be deleted or renamed
150373850 LVUNDEF, Undefined local variable: xxxx
150383090 MALLOCMAXUNIX, Exceeded maximum allocation defined by $ydb_max_storalloc.
150503579 MAPBAD, xxxx for yyyy does not exist
150503587 MAPDUP, xxxx and yyyy both map to zzzz
150374490 MAXACTARG, Maximum number of actual arguments exceeded
150373882 MAXARGCNT, Maximum number of arguments xxxx exceeded
150379786 MAXBTLEVEL, Global ^gggg in region rrrr reached maximum level
150373266 MAXFORARGS, Maximum number of arguments to a single FOR command exceeded
150377730 MAXGTMPATH, The executing module path is greater than the maximum xxxx
150373282 MAXNRSUBSCRIPTS, Maximum number of subscripts exceeded
150382082 MAXSEMGETRETRY, Failed to get ftok semaphore after tttt tries because it is being continually deleted
150381554 MAXSSREACHED, Maximum snapshots - mmmm - for region rrrr reached. Please wait for the existing snapshots to complete before starting a new one.
150373290 MAXSTRLEN, Maximum string length exceeded
150381650 MAXTRIGNEST, Maximum trigger nesting level LLLL exceeded
150373314 MBXRDONLY, Mailbox is read only, cannot write to it
150373330 MBXWRTONLY, Mailbox is write only, cannot read from it
150373340 MEMORY, Central memory exhausted during request for xxxx bytes
150377116 MEMORYRECURSIVE, Memory Subsystem called recursively
150379322 MERGEDESC, Merge operation not possible. xxxx is descendent of yyyy.
150379328 MERGEINCOMPL, Error encountered during MERGE; operation may be incomplete
151027786 MINNRSUBSCRIPTS, Number of subscripts cannot be a negative number
150503946 MISSINGDELIM, Delimiter dddd expected before qqqq vvvv
151027730 MIXIMAGE, Cannot load more than one base image function on a process
150381320 MMBEFOREJNL, BEFORE image journaling cannot be set with MM access method in database file ffff
150383026 MMFILETOOLARGE, Size of rrrr region (ffff) is larger than maximum size supported for memory mapped I/O on this platform.
150503819 MMNOBEFORIMG, MM segments do not support before image journaling
150381328 MMNOBFORRPL, Replication cannot be used in database file ffff which uses MM access method and NOBEFORE image journaling
150380706 MMNODYNDWNGRD, Unable to use dynamic downgrade with MM access method for region xxx. Use BG access method for downgrade
150380714 MMNODYNUPGRD, Unable to use MM access method for region yyy until all database blocks are upgraded
150383082 MMREGNOACCESS, Region rrrr (ffff) is no longer accessible. See prior error messages in the operator and application error logs
150383602 MPROFRUNDOWN, Error during M-profiling rundown
150381202 MRTMAXEXCEEDED, Maximum value of xxxx for SOCKET deviceparameter MOREREADTIME exceeded.
150376290 MSTACKCRIT, User-specified M stack size critical threshold of xxxx not appropriate; must be between mmmm and nnnn; reverting to kkkk
150384299 MSTACKSZNA, User-specified M stack size of SSSS KiB not appropriate; must be between LLLL KiB and MMMM KiB; reverting to VVVV KiB
150376234 MTNOSKIP, SKIP operation not supported on this device
150376138 MUBCKNODIR, MUPIP backup aborted due to error in output directory
150384226 MUCREFILERR, Error in/at EEEE creating database DDDD (region RRRR)
150380738 MUDWNGRDNOTPOS, Start VBN value is [xxx] while downgraded YottaDB version can support only [yyy]. Downgrade not possible
150380722 MUDWNGRDNRDY, Database xxx is not ready to downgrade - still yyy database blocks to downgrade
150380730 MUDWNGRDTN, Transaction number 0xaaa in database xxx is too big for MUPIP [REORG] DOWNGRADE. Renew database with MUPIP INTEG TN_RESET
150374346 MUFILRNDWNFL, File: xxxx rundown failed
150382842 MUFILRNDWNFL2, Database section (id = dddd) belonging to database file ffff rundown failed
150374531 MUFILRNDWNSUC, File successfully rundown
150378275 MUINFOSTR, xxxx : aaaa
150378107 MUINFOUINT4, xxxx : aaaa [0xbbbb]
150382123 MUINFOUINT6, <tttt : vvvv [0x!hhhh] ; $H=dddddd,tttttt
150378259 MUINFOUINT8, xxxx : aaaa [0xbbbb]
150382851 MUINSTFROZEN, tttt : Instance iiii is frozen. Waiting for instance to be unfrozen before proceeding with writes to database file ffff
150382859 MUINSTUNFROZEN, tttt : Instance iiii is now unfrozen. Continuing with writes to database file ffff
150380427 MUJNLPREVGEN, Previous generation journal file xxxx included for database file yyyy
150380299 MUJNLSTAT, xxxx at yyyy
150379090 MUJPOOLRNDWNFL, Jnlpool section (id = xxxx) belonging to the replication instance yyyy rundown failed
150379075 MUJPOOLRNDWNSUC, Jnlpool section (id = xxxx) belonging to the replication instance yyyy successfully rundown
150377376 MUKILLIP, Kill in progress indicator is set for file xxxx, incorrectly marked busy errors should follow
150379218 MULOGNAMEDEF, logical name xxxx, needed to start replication server is already defined for this job. Check for an existing or improperly terminated server.
150374418 MULTFORMPARM, This formal parameter is multiply defined
150383794 MULTIPROCLATCH, Failed to get multi-process latch at xxxx
150373434 MULTLAB, This label has been previously defined
150376578 MUNOACTION, MUPIP unable to perform requested action
150375706 MUNODBNAME, A database name or the region qualifier must be specified
150377458 MUNODWNGRD, MUPIP downgrade did not occur because of preceding errors
150377482 MUNOFINISH, MUPIP unable to finish all requested actions
150380776 MUNOSTRMBKUP, Database xxxx has a block size larger than yyyy and thus cannot use stream (incremental) backup
150382880 MUNOTALLINTEG, At least one region skipped. See the earlier messages
150374088 MUNOTALLSEC, WARNING: not all global sections accessed were successfully rundown
150376018 MUNOUPGRD, MUPIP upgrade did not occur because of preceding errors
150375674 MUPCLIERR, Action not taken due to CLI errors
150378297 MUPGRDSUCC, Database file xxx successfully yyy to zzz
150373099 MUPIPINFO, xxxx
150378128 MUPIPSET2BIG, vvvv too large, maximum tttt allowed is mmmm
150378536 MUPIPSET2SML, vvvv too small, minimum tttt allowed is mmmm
150380555 MUPIPSIG, STOP (signal xxxx) issued from process yyyy to process zzzz
150380434 MUPJNLINTERRUPT, Database file xxxx indicates interrupted MUPIP JOURNAL command. Restore from backup for forward recover/rollback.
150372450 MUPRECFLLCK, Database file xxxx is locked by MUPIP RECOVER. Could not secure access.
150376130 MUPRESTERR, MUPIP RESTORE aborted due to preceding errors
150377674 MUQUALINCOMP, Incompatible qualifiers - FILE and REGION
150379378 MURAIMGFAIL, MUPIP RECOVER failed while processing after-image journal record. Failure code: xxxx.
150376355 MUREENCRYPTEND, Database ffff : MUPIP REORG ENCRYPT finished by pid pppp at transaction number 0xtttt
150383843 MUREENCRYPTSTART, Database ffff : MUPIP REORG ENCRYPT started by pid pppp at transaction number 0xtttt
150383850 MUREENCRYPTV4NOALLOW, Database (re)encryption supported only on fully upgraded V5 databases. ffff has V4 format blocks
150374402 MUREORGFAIL, MUPIP REORG failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150379107 MUREPLPOOL, Error with replpool section xxxx
150379059 MUREPLSECDEL, Replication section xxxx deleted
150379067 MUREPLSECNOTDEL, Replication section xxxx not deleted
150378419 MUREUPDWNGRDEND, Region xxxx : MUPIP REORG UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE finished by pid aaaa [0xbbbb] at transaction number [0xcccc]
150384251 MURNDWNARGLESS, Argumentless MUPIP RUNDOWN started with process id PPPP by userid UUUU from directory DDDD
150382435 MURNDWNOVRD, OVERRIDE qualifier used with MUPIP RUNDOWN on database file dddd
150379098 MURPOOLRNDWNFL, Recvpool section (id = xxxx) belonging to the replication instance yyyy rundown failed
150379083 MURPOOLRNDWNSUC, Recvpool section (id = xxxx) belonging to the replication instance yyyy successfully rundown
150374099 MUSECDEL, Section xxxx deleted
150374107 MUSECNOTDEL, Section xxxx not deleted
150378970 MUSELFBKUP, Database file xxxx can not be backed upon itself
150382906 MUSIZEFAIL, MUPIP SIZE : failed. Failure code: xxxx.
150382898 MUSIZEINVARG, MUPIP SIZE : Invalid parameter value for: xxxx
150376571 MUSTANDALONE, Could not get exclusive access to xxxx
150376906 MUTEXERR, Mutual Exclusion subsystem failure
150376928 MUTEXFRCDTERM, Mutual Exclusion subsystem detected forced termination of process xxxx. Crit salvaged from region yyyy.
150376920 MUTEXLCKALERT, Mutual Exclusion subsystem ALERT - Lock attempt threshold crossed for region rrrr. Process pppp is in crit cycle cccc.
150380186 MUTEXRELEASED, Process xxxx [aaaa] has released the critical section for database yyyy to avoid deadlock. $TLEVEL: pppp t_tries: qqqq
150378683 MUTEXRSRCCLNUP, Mutex subsystem leftover resource xxxx removed.
150375864 MUTNWARN, Database file xxxx has 0xaaa more transactions to go before reaching the transaction number limit (0xbbbb). Renew database with MUPIP INTEG TN_RESET.
150382483 MUTRUNC1ATIME, Process with PID iiii already performing truncate in region rrrr
150382491 MUTRUNCBACKINPROG, Truncate detected concurrent backup in progress for region rrrr
150382498 MUTRUNCERROR, Truncate of region rrrr encountered service error eeee
150382506 MUTRUNCFAIL, Truncate failed after reorg
150382515 MUTRUNCNOSPACE, Region rrrr has insufficient space to meet truncate target percentage of yyyy
150382522 MUTRUNCNOTBG, Region rrrr does not have access method BG
150382530 MUTRUNCNOV4, Region rrrr is not fully upgraded from V4 format.
150382538 MUTRUNCPERCENT, Truncate threshold percentage should be from 0 to 99
150382547 MUTRUNCSSINPROG, Truncate detected concurrent snapshot in progress for region rrrr
150382555 MUTRUNCSUCCESS, Database file dddd truncated from oooo blocks to nnnn at transaction tttt
150380746 MUUPGRDNRDY, Database xxx has not been certified as being ready to upgrade to yyy format
150382250 MUUSERECOV, Abnormal shutdown of journaled database dddd detected
150381898 MUUSERLBK, Abnormal shutdown of replication-enabled database dddd detected
151027810 NAMECOUNT2HI, Number of varnames specified exceeds maximum xxxx allowed
150374434 NAMEEXPECTED, A local variable name is expected in this context
150503594 NAMENDBAD, Subscripted name ssss must end with right parenthesis
150504074 NAMGVSUBOFLOW, Subscripted name hhhh…tttt is too long to be represented in the database using collation value #nnnn
150504002 NAMGVSUBSMAX, Subscripted Name specification nnnn has more than the maximum # of subscripts (mmmm)
150503970 NAMLPARENNOTBEG, Subscripted Name specification nnnn needs to have a left parenthesis at the beginning of subscripts
150504010 NAMNOTSTRSUBS, Subscript #nnnn with value vvvv in name specification is not a properly formatted string subscript
150503930 NAMNUMSUBSOFLOW, Subscript #nnnn with value vvvv in name specification has a numeric overflow
150503986 NAMONECOLON, Subscripted Name specification nnnn must have at most one colon (range) specification
150503954 NAMRANGELASTSUB, Ranges in name specification nnnn are allowed only in the last subscript
150504058 NAMRANGEORDER, Range in name specification nnnn specifies out-of-order subscripts using collation sequence #cccc
150504066 NAMRANGEOVERLAP, Range in name specifications mmmm and nnnn overlap using collation sequence #cccc
150503978 NAMRPARENNOTEND, Subscripted Name specification nnnn cannot have anything following the right parenthesis at the end of subscripts
150503962 NAMSTARSUBSMIX, Name specification nnnn cannot contain * and subscripts at the same time
150504042 NAMSTRSUBSCHARG, Subscript #nnnn with value vvvv in name specification specifies a $C/$ZCH with number cccc that is invalid in the current $zchset
150504034 NAMSTRSUBSCHINT, Subscript #nnnn with value vvvv in name specification does not have a positive integer inside $C/$CHAR/$ZCH/$ZCHAR
150504018 NAMSTRSUBSFUN, Subscript #nnnn with value vvvv in name specification uses function other than $C/$CHAR/$ZCH/$ZCHAR
150503922 NAMSUBSBAD, Subscript #nnnn with value vvvv in name specification is an invalid number or string
150503914 NAMSUBSEMPTY, Subscript #nnnn is empty in name specification
150375818 NCTCOLLDIFF, Source and destination for MERGE cannot have different numerical collation type
150383186 NCTCOLLSPGBL, Database region rrrr contains portion of spanning global ^gggg and so cannot support non-zero numeric collation type
150383570 NEEDTRIGUPGRD, Cannot do trigger operation on database file ffff until it is upgraded; Run MUPIP TRIGGER -UPGRADE first
150376226 NEGFRACPWR, Invalid operation: fractional power of negative number
150375594 NESTFORMP, Formal parameter list cannot be combined with nested line
150375202 NETDBOPNERR, Error while attempting to open database across net
150375234 NETFAIL, Failure of Net operation
150375242 NETLCKFAIL, Lock operation across Net failed
150377523 NEWJNLFILECREAT, Journal file xxxx nearing maximum size. New journal file created.
150378114 NLMISMATCHCALC, Location of xxxx expected at yyyy, but found at zzzz
150383648 NLRESTORE, DB file header field FFFF: VVVV does not match the value used in original mapping - restoring to: OOOO
150503603 NOACTION, Not updating Global Directory xxxx
150381362 NOALIASLIST, Parenthetical lists of multiple arguments cannot have a preceding alias introducer or include alias (*) forms
150379530 NOCANONICNAME, Value is not a canonic name (xxxx).
150375346 NOCCPPID, Cannot find CCP process ID
150379212 NOCHLEFT, Unhandled condition exception (all handlers exhausted) process terminating
150384090 NOCREMMBIJ, MM access method not compatible with BEFORE image journaling; Database file DDDD not created
150384074 NOCRENETFILE, Database file DDDD not created; cannot create across network
151027922 NODEEND, End of list of nodes/subscripts
150383664 NODFRALLOCSUPP, The NODEFER_ALLOCATE qualifier is not allowed on this operating system. Not changing the defer allocation flag
150383530 NOEDITOR, Can’t find an executable editor: eeee
150381026 NOENDIANCVT, Unable to convert the endian format of file dddd due to eeee
150377579 NOEXCLUDE, None of the excluded variables exist
150374163 NOEXCNOZTRAP, Neither an exception nor a Ztrap is specified
150503619 NOEXIT, Cannot exit because of verification failure
150384354 NOFILTERNEST, Filter nesting not allowed
150377160 NOFORKCORE, Unable to fork off process to create core. Core creation postponed.
150383362 NOGTCMDB, ffff does not support operation on GT.CM database region: rrrr
150503827 NOJNL, ssss segments do not support journaling.
150379402 NOJNLPOOL, No journal pool info found in the replication instance of xxxx
150375498 NOLBRSRC, Object libraries cannot have SRC paths associated
150382131 NOLOCKMATCH, No matching locks were found in rrrr
150503627 NOLOG, Logging is currently disabled. Log file is xxxx.
150383811 NOMORESEMCNT, SSSS counter semaphore has reached its maximum and stopped counting for database DDDD. Run MUPIP JOURNAL -ROLLBACK -BACKWARD, MUPIP JOURNAL -RECOVER -BACKWARD or MUPIP RUNDOWN to restore the database files and shared resources to a clean state
150503866 NONASCII, ssss is illegal for a oooo as it contains non-ASCII characters
150503642 NONEGATE, Qualifier xxxx cannot be negated
150383739 NONTPRESTART, Database dddd; code: cccc; blk: bbbb in glbl: ^gggg; blklvl: llll, type: tttt, zpos: pppp
150381082 NONUTF8LOCALE, Locale has character encoding (cccc) which is not compatible with UTF-8 character set
150504114 NOPERCENTY, ^%Y* is a reserved global name in YottaDB
150375754 NOPINI, PINI journal record expected but not found in journal file xxxx at offset yyyy
150373458 NOPLACE, Line specified in a ZBREAK cannot be found
150374906 NOPREVLINK, Journal file xxxx has a null previous link
150376332 NOPRINCIO, Unable to write to principal device
150379410 NORECVPOOL, No receiver pool info found in the replication instance of xxxx
150374850 NOREGION, REGION not found: xxxx
150377224 NOREPLCTDREG, Replication subsystem found no region replicated for dddd ffff
150382210 NORESYNCSUPPLONLY, NORESYNC only supported for Supplementary Instances
150382218 NORESYNCUPDATERONLY, NORESYNC qualifier only allowed on a Supplementary Instance which allows local updates
150374880 NOSELECT, None of the selected variables exist, halting
150379162 NOSOCKETINDEV, There is no socket in the current socket device
150383338 NOSOCKHANDLE, No socket handle specified in WRITE /PASS
150378762 NOSPACECRE, Not enough space to create database file xxxx. aaaa blocks are needed, only bbbb available.
150378802 NOSPACEEXT, Not enough disk space for file xxxx to extend. aaaa blocks needed. bbbb blocks available.
150380290 NOSTARFILE, Only star(*) argument can be specified with xxxx
150379538 NOSUBSCRIPT, No such subscript found (xxxx)
150379187 NOSUCHPROC, Process xxxx does not exist no need to yyyy it
150382226 NOSUPPLSUPPL, Instance ssss is configured to perform local updates, so it cannot receive from Supplementary Instance iiii
150378964 NOTALLDBOPN, Not all required database files were opened
150382962 NOTALLDBRNDWN, Not all regions were successfully rundown
150375480 NOTALLJNLEN, Journaling disabled/off for dddd regions
150372680 NOTALLREPLON, Replication off for dddd regions
150376627 NOTERMENTRY, TERM = “xxxx” has no “terminfo” entry. Possible terminal handling problems.
150376619 NOTERMENV, Environment variable TERM not set. Assuming “unknown.”
150376635 NOTERMINFODB, No “terminfo” database. Possible terminal handling problems.
150374450 NOTEXTRINSIC, Quit does not return to an extrinsic function, argument not allowed
150372602 NOTGBL, Expected a global variable name starting with an up-arrow (^): xxxx
150380338 NOTPOSITIVE, xxxx qualifier must be given a value greater than zero
150373472 NOTPRINCIO, Output currently directed to device xxxx
150377768 NOTREPLICATED, Transaction number xxxx generated by the yyyy process (PID = zzzz) is not replicated to the secondary
150380018 NOTRNDMACC, Only random access files are supported as backup files for non-incremental backup
150373482 NOTTOEOFONPUT, Not positioned to EOF on write (sequential organization only)
150383370 NOUSERDB, ffff does not support operation on non-GDS format region: rrrr
150503634 NOVALUE, Qualifier xxxx does not take a value
150373491 NOZBRK, No zbreak at that location
150381666 NOZTRAPINTRIG, Use of $ZTRAP in a database trigger environment ($ZTLEVEL greater than 0) is not supported.
150377370 NULLCOLLDIFF, Null collation order cannot be different for all regions
150383066 NULLENTRYREF, JOB command did not specify entryref
150373498 NULSUBSC, Null subscripts are not allowed for region: xxxx
150373506 NUMOFLOW, Numeric overflow
150378728 NUMPROCESSORS, Could not determine number of processors
150372770 NUMUNXEOR, xxxx unexpected end of record in numeric subscript
150503650 OBJDUP, xxxx yyyy already exists
150376210 OBJFILERR, Error with object file I/O on file xxxx
150503658 OBJNOTADD, Not adding xxxx
150503666 OBJNOTCHG, Not changing xxxx
150503674 OBJNOTFND, xxxx does not exist
150503682 OBJREQD, xxxx required
150375970 OFFSETINV, Entry point xxxx+yyyy not valid
150383960 OFRZACTIVE, Region aaaa has an Online Freeze
150383968 OFRZAUTOREL, Online Freeze automatically released for region aaaa
150383976 OFRZCRITREL, Proceeding with a write to region aaaa after Online Freeze while holding crit
150383984 OFRZCRITSTUCK, Unable to proceed with a write to region !AD with Online Freeze while holding crit. Region stuck until freeze is removed.
150383992 OFRZNOTHELD, Online Freeze had been automatically released for at least one region
150377752 OLDBINEXTRACT, Loading an older version (xxxx) of binary extract
150380811 OMISERVHANG, GTCM OMI server is hung
150381275 OPCOMMISSED, n errors and m MBFULLs sending prior operator messages
150376394 OPENCONN, Error opening socket connection
150375003 OPRCCPSTOP, The Cluster Control Program has been halted by an operator stop request
150376010 ORDER2, Invalid second argument to $ORDER. Must be -1 or 1
150382379 ORLBKCMPLT, ONLINE ROLLBACK completed successfully on instance iiii corresponding to dddd
150382403 ORLBKFRZOVER, tttt : FREEZE on region rrrr (ddd) cleared
150382395 ORLBKFRZPROG, tttt : waiting for FREEZE on region rrrr (dddd) to clear
150382731 ORLBKINPROG, Online ROLLBACK in progress by PID pppp in region rrrr
150382387 ORLBKNOSTP, ONLINE ROLLBACK proceeding with database updates. MUPIP STOP will no longer be allowed
150382410 ORLBKNOV4BLK, Region rrrr (dddd) has V4 format blocks. Database upgrade required. ONLINE ROLLBACK cannot continue
150382363 ORLBKSTART, ONLINE ROLLBACK started on instance iiii corresponding to dddd
150382370 ORLBKTERMNTD, ONLINE ROLLBACK terminated on instance iiii corresponding to dddd with the above errors
150378788 OUTOFSPACE, Database file xxxx ran out of disk space. Detected by process aaaa. Exit without clearing shared memory due to the disk space constraints. Make space and then perform mupip rundown to ensure database integrity.
150381154 PADCHARINVALID, PAD deviceparameter cannot be greater than 127.
151027770 PARAMINVALID, Invalid parameter specified in an API call
150376186 PARBUFSM, Parse buffer too small
150373514 PARFILSPC, Parameter: xxxx file specification: yyyy
150376177 PARNORMAL, Parse successful
150376410 PATALTER2LARGE, Pattern match alternation exceeded the LLLL repetition limit on prospective matches
150373522 PATCLASS, Illegal character class for pattern code
150373530 PATCODE, Illegal syntax for pattern
150373538 PATLIT, Illegal character or unbalanced quotes for pattern literal
150374858 PATLOAD, Error loading pattern file xxxx
150373546 PATMAXLEN, Pattern code exceeds maximum length
150379754 PATNOTFOUND, Current pattern table has no characters with pattern code xxxx
150376202 PATTABNOTFND, Pattern table xxxx not found
150372978 PATTABSYNTAX, Error in xxxx at line yyyy
150373562 PATUPPERLIM, Pattern code upper limit is less than lower limit
150383770 PBNINVALID, ssss does not have a field named ffff
150383778 PBNNOFIELD, %ZPEEKBYNAME() requires a field.item as its first parameter
150383754 PBNNOPARM, First parameter pppp does not support a second parameter
150383746 PBNPARMREQ, A first parameter value pppp requires a second parameter specified containing rrrr
150383762 PBNUNSUPSTRUCT, $ZPEEK() does not support structure ssss
150383882 PBNUNSUPTYPE, $ZPEEK() does not support type tttt
150373570 PCONDEXPECTED, Post-conditional expression expected but not found
150384122 PCTYRESERVED, Attempted operation not supported on ^%Y* namespace
150382274 PEERPIDMISMATCH, Local socket peer with PID=pppp does not match specified PID=qqqq
150382475 PERMGENDIAG, Permissions: Proc(uid:uuuu,gid:gggg), DB File(uid:vvvv,gid:hhhh,perm:pppp), Lib File(gid:iiii,perm:qqqq), Group Mem(opener:jjjj,owner:kkkk)
150382466 PERMGENFAIL, Failed to determine access permissions to use for creation of xxxx for file yyyy
150377146 PINENTRYERR, Custom pinentry program failure
150373578 PRCNAMLEN, Process name xxxx length is greater than yyyy
150383658 PREALLOCATEFAIL, Disk space reservation for SSSS segment has failed
150503690 PREFIXBAD, xxxx must start with an alphabetic character to be a yyyy
150372618 PREMATEOF, Premature end of file detected
150379963 PREVJNLLINKCUT, Previous journal file name link set to NULL in new journal file xxxx created for database file yyyy
150379971 PREVJNLLINKSET, Previous generation journal file name is changed from xxxx to yyyy
150375042 PREVJNLNOEOF, A previous generation journal file xxxx does not have valid EOF
150379298 PRIMARYISROOT, Attempted operation not valid on root primary instance xxxx
150380466 PRIMARYNOTROOT, Attempted operation not valid on non-root primary instance xxxx
150381784 PROCTERM, uuuu process termination due to cccc from eeee
150376970 PROTNOTSUP, Protocol xxxx not supported
150503698 QUALBAD, xxxx is not a valid qualifier
150503706 QUALDUP, xxxx qualifier appears more than once in the list
150374610 QUALEXP, Qualifier expected but not found
150503714 QUALREQD, xxxx required
150374626 QUALVAL, Qualifier value required but not found
151027722 QUERY2, Invalid second argument to $QUERY. Must be -1 or 1.
150381778 QUITALSINV, QUIT * return when the extrinsic was not invoked with SET *
150374546 QUITARGLST, Quit cannot take a list of arguments
150374554 QUITARGREQD, Quit from an extrinsic must have an argument
150374426 QUITARGUSE, Quit cannot take an argument in this context
150373586 RANDARGNEG, Random number generator argument must be greater than or equal to one
150384106 RAWDEVUNSUP, RAW device for region RRRR is not supported
150382314 RCVRMANYSTRMS, Receiver server now connecting to source stream NNNN but had previously connected to a different stream nnnn
150377474 RDFLTOOLONG, Length specified for fixed length read exceeds the maximum string size
150375298 RDFLTOOSHORT, Length specified for fixed length read less than or equal to zero
151027754 READONLYLKFAIL, Failed to get a lock on READ_ONLY database file
150381458 READONLYNOBG, Read-only cannot be enabled on non-MM databases
151027746 READONLYNOSTATS, Read-only and Statistics sharing cannot both be enabled on database
150373602 REC2BIG, Record size (xxxx) is greater than maximum (yyyy) for region: zzzz
150375531 RECCNT, Last LOAD record number: xxxx
150377410 RECLOAD, Error loading record number: nnnn
150372595 RECORDSTAT, gggg: Key cnt: kkkk max subsc len: ssss max rec len: dddd max node len: rrrr
150377658 RECSIZENOTEVEN, RECORDSIZE [xxxx] needs to be a multiple of 2 if ICHSET or OCHSET is UTF-16, UTF-16LE or UTF-16BE
150503731 RECSIZIS, Record size is xxxx
150503723 RECTOOBIG, Block size xxxx and yyyy reserved bytes limit record size to zzzz
150377210 RECVPOOLSETUP, Receive Pool setup error
150384131 REGFILENOTFOUND, Database file DDDD corresponding to region RRRR cannot be found
150503739 REGIS, in region xxxx
150568978 REGNTFND, Region referenced not initialized
150383154 REGOPENFAIL, Failed to open region rrrr (dddd) due to conflicting database shutdown activity
150381618 REGSSFAIL, Process pppp encountered error eeee contributing to the snapshot for region rrrr - the snapshot is no longer valid.
150383514 RELINKCTLERR, Error with relink control structure for $ZROUTINES directory dddd
150378122 RELINKCTLFULL, Relinkctl file for directory dddd is full (maximum entries mmmm)
150383178 REMOTEDBNOSPGBL, Database region rrrr contains portion of a spanning global and so cannot point to a remote file
150383562 REMOTEDBNOTRIG, Trigger operations on global gggg not supported as it maps to database region rrrr that points to a remote file
150378824 RENAMEFAIL, Rename of file xxxx to yyyy failed
150376027 REORGCTRLY, User interrupt encountered during database reorg – halting
150377600 REORGINC, Reorg was incomplete. Not all globals were reorged.
150382234 REPL2OLD, Instance IIII uses a YottaDB version that does not support connection with the current version on iiii.
150379114 REPLACCSEM, Error with replication access semaphore (id = xxxx) for instance file aaaa
150377274 REPLBRKNTRANS, Replication subsystem found transaction xxxx broken or missing in the journal files
150377218 REPLCOMM, Replication subsystem communication failure
150377250 REPLERR, XXXX
150378930 REPLEXITERR, Replication process encountered an error while exiting
150377266 REPLFILIOERR, Replication subsystem file I/O error xxxx
150377298 REPLFILTER, Replication filter subsystem failure
150378890 REPLFTOKSEM, Error with replication semaphores for instance file xxxx
150377235 REPLINFO, xxxx
150379394 REPLINSTACC, Error accessing replication instance file xxxx
150378706 REPLINSTCLOSE, Error closing replication instance file xxxx
150379130 REPLINSTCREATE, Error creating replication instance file xxxx
150380882 REPLINSTDBMATCH, Replication instance file xxxx has seqno xxxx while database has a different seqno yyyy
150382346 REPLINSTDBSTRM, Replication instance file rrrr has seqno xxxx for Stream nnnn while database has a different seqno XXXX
150379450 REPLINSTFMT, Format error encountered while reading replication instance file xxxx. Expected yyyy. Found zzzz.
150382659 REPLINSTFREEZECOMMENT, Freeze Comment: xxxx
150382650 REPLINSTFROZEN, Instance xxxx is now Frozen
150380866 REPLINSTMISMTCH, Process has replication instance file ffff (jnlpool shmid = ssss) open but database dddd is bound to instance file gggg (jnlpool shmid =tttt)
150380906 REPLINSTNMLEN, Replication instance name xxxx should be 1 to 15 characters long
150380890 REPLINSTNMSAME, Primary and Secondary instances have the same replication instance name xxxx
150380898 REPLINSTNMUNDEF, Replication instance name not defined
150380914 REPLINSTNOHIST, History record for xxxx not found in replication instance file yyyy
150383162 REPLINSTNOSHM, Database dddd has no active connection to a replication journal pool
150378698 REPLINSTOPEN, Error opening replication instance file xxxx
150380874 REPLINSTREAD, Error reading xxxx bytes at offset yyyy from replication instance file ffff
150380922 REPLINSTSECLEN, Secondary replication instance name xxxx should be 1 to 15 characters long
150380930 REPLINSTSECMTCH, Secondary replication instance name xxxx sent by receiver does not match yyyy specified at source server startup
150380938 REPLINSTSECNONE, No information found for secondary instance xxxx in instance file yyyy
150380946 REPLINSTSECUNDF, Secondary replication instance name not defined
150380954 REPLINSTSEQORD, ssss has seqno xxxx which is less than last record seqno yyyy in replication instance file zzzz
150380962 REPLINSTSTNDALN, Could not get exclusive access to replication instance file xxxx
150379386 REPLINSTUNDEF, Replication instance environment variable $ydb_repl_instance is undefined
150382667 REPLINSTUNFROZEN, Instance xxxx is now Unfrozen
150379018 REPLINSTWRITE, Error writing xxxx bytes at offset yyyy from replication instance file ffff
150378818 REPLJNLCLOSED, Replication in jeopardy as journaling for database file ddd. Current region seqno is xxx[XXX] and system seqno is yyy[YYY]
150379896 REPLJNLCNFLCT, Journaling cannot be turned nnnn on database file ffff as the replication state is rrrr and must also be turned nnnn in the same command
150377290 REPLLOGOPN, Replication subsystem could not open log file LLLL : eeee. Logging done to OOOO
150382018 REPLMULTINSTUPDATE, Previous updates in the current transaction are to xxxx so updates to yyyy (in rrrr) not allowed
150379888 REPLNOBEFORE, NOBEFORE option cannot be used when the current replication state is ON for a database file xxxx
150383554 REPLNOHASHTREC, Sequence number NNNN contains trigger definition updates. IIII side must be at least V6.2-000 for replication to continue
150383306 REPLNOTLS, xxxx requested TLS/SSL communication but the yyyy was either not started with the TLSID qualifier or does not support TLS/SSL protocol
150377074 REPLNOTON, Replication is not on for journal file xxxx, rollback will not continue
150380314 REPLOFFJNLON, Replication state for database file <xxx> is OFF but journaling state is enabled.
150377058 REPLPOOLINST, Error with replication pool xxxx for instance file yyyy
150380460 REPLRECFMT, Replication journal record format error encountered
150380970 REPLREQROLLBACK, Replication instance file xxxx indicates abnormal shutdown. Run MUPIP JOURNAL ROLLBACK first.
150379426 REPLREQRUNDOWN, Error accessing replication instance xxxx. Must be rundown on cluster node yyyy.
150383696 REPLSRCEXITERR, Source server for secondary instance xxxx exited abnormally. See log file yyyy for details.
150379931 REPLSTATE, Replication state for region/database file xxxx is now yyyy
150376498 REPLSTATEERR, Replication state cannot be changed to the specified value for database file <xxx>.
150380418 REPLSTATEOFF, MUPIP JOURNAL -ROLLBACK -BACKWARD cannot proceed as database xxxx does not have replication ON
150377466 REPLTRANS2BIG, Transaction xxxx of size yyyy too large to be accommodated in the zzzz pool
150377240 REPLWARN, xxxx
150381970 REPLXENDIANFAIL, SSSS side encountered error while doing endian conversion at journal sequence number JJJJ
150379035 REQ2RESUME, Request to resume suspended processing received from process xxxx owned by userid yyyy
150375794 REQDVIEWPARM, Required View parameter is missing
150379986 REQRECOV, Error accessing database dddd. Must be recovered on cluster node ccccc.
150383578 REQRLNKCTLRNDWN, Error accessing relinkctl file rrrr for $ZROUTINES directory dddd. Must be rundown
150380978 REQROLLBACK, Error accessing database dddd. Run MUPIP JOURNAL -ROLLBACK -NOONLINE on cluster node cccc.
150374954 REQRUNDOWN, Error accessing database dddd. Must be rundown on cluster node ccccc.
150380499 RESOLVESEQNO, Resolving until sequence number dddd [0xxxxx]
150382339 RESOLVESEQSTRM, Resolving until stream sequence number Stream nnnn : Seqno dddd xxxx
150382635 RESRCINTRLCKBYPAS, tttt with PID qqqq bypassing the ssss semaphore for region rrrr (ffff) currently held by PID pppp.
150382627 RESRCWAIT, Waiting briefly for the tttt semaphore for region rrrr (ffff) was held by PID pppp (Sem. ID: ssss)
150384210 RESTRICTEDOP, Attempt to perform a restricted operation: xxxx
150384218 RESTRICTSYNTAX, Syntax error in file ffff at line number nnnn. All facilities restricted for process.
150382354 RESUMESTRMNUM, Error with stream number specified in RESUME qualifier
150383938 RESYNCSEQLOW, MUPIP JOURNAL -ROLLBACK -FORWARD -RESYNC=NNNN [0xXXXX] requested is lower than LLLL which is the starting sequence number for the instance
150382306 REUSEINSTNAME, Error with instance name specified in REUSE qualifier
150373610 RHMISSING, Right-hand side of expression expected
150381227 RLBKJNLNOBIMG, Journal file jjjj has NOBEFORE_IMAGE journaling.
150380451 RLBKJNSEQ, Journal seqno of the instance after rollback is xxxx[yyyy]
150381235 RLBKLOSTTNONLY, ROLLBACK will only create a lost transaction file (database and journal files will not be modified)
150381218 RLBKNOBIMG, ROLLBACK cannot proceed as database dddd has NOBEFORE_IMAGE journaling
150382331 RLBKSTRMSEQ, Stream journal seqno of the instance after rollback is Stream nnnn : Seqno dddd xxxx
150383594 RLNKCTLRNDWNFL, Relinkctl file for $ZROUTINES directory dddd failed to rundown as it is open by nnnn process(es)
150383587 RLNKCTLRNDWNSUC, Relinkctl file for $ZROUTINES directory dddd successfully rundown
150383626 RLNKRECLATCH, Failed to get latch on relinkctl record for routine name rrrr in $ZROUTINES directory dddd
150383634 RLNKSHMLATCH, Failed to get latch on relinkctl shared memory for $ZROUTINES directory dddd
150376586 RMBIGSHARE, File with BIGRECORD specified may only be SHARED if READONLY
150376450 RMNOBIGRECORD, RMNOBIGRECORD File record size requires BIGRECORD parameter
150375962 RMWIDTHPOS, File record size or width must be greater than zero
150376194 RMWIDTHTOOBIG, File record size too big
150378747 RNDWNSEMFAIL, Attempting to acquire gds_rundown semaphore when it is already owned
150384042 RNDWNSTATSDBFAIL, Rundown of statistics database region RRRR (DB DDDD) failed at/in LLLL with following error: EEEE
150380442 ROLLBKINTERRUPT, Database file xxxx indicates interrupted ROLLBACK. Reissue the MUPIP JOURNAL ROLLBACK command.
150373634 ROUTINEUNKNOWN, Routine could not be found
150503610 RPAREN, List must end with right parenthesis or continue with comma
150373642 RPARENMISSING, Right parenthesis expected
150374114 RPARENREQD, xxxx Right parenthesis expected
150380818 RSVDBYTE2HIGH, Record size ssss is greater than the maximum allowed for region rrrr with Block size bbbb and Reserved bytes cccc
150382562 RSYNCSTRMSUPPLONLY, RSYNC_STRM qualifier only supported for Supplementary Instances
150382322 RSYNCSTRMVAL, RSYNC_STRM qualifier can only take on a value from 0 to 15
150373650 RTNNAME, Routine name expected here
150373667 RTSLOC, At M source location xxxx
150375994 RUNPARAMERR, Error accessing parameter for run command
150373674 RWARG, This is not a legal argument for a READ command
150373682 RWFORMAT, A valid format expression (!!, #, or ?expr) expected here
150378098 SCNDDBNOUPD, Database updates not allowed on the secondary
150378850 SDSEEKERR, Sequential device seek error
150382258 SECNOTSUPPLEMENTARY, ssss is a Supplementary Instance and so cannot act as a source to non-Supplementary Instance iiii
150378090 SECONDAHEAD, Secondary ahead of Primary: Secondary db possibly updated by process other than Update process. Do rollback first.
150379810 SEFCTNEEDSFULLB, Current side effect setting does not permit full Boolean to be turned off
150503747 SEGIS, in xxxx segment yyyy
150373698 SELECTFALSE, No argument to $SELECT was true
150375012 SELECTSYNTAX, Argument to xxxx clause is not valid
150383003 SEMID, Semaphore id nnnn
150379458 SEMKEYINUSE, Semaphore key xxxx is already in use (possibly by an older version)
150379443 SEMREMOVED, Semaphore id xxxx removed from the system
150378690 SEMWT2LONG, Process wwww waited ssss second(s) for the llll lock for region rrrr, lock held by pid pppp
150375226 SERVERERR, Severe error on server: xxxx
150379506 SETECODE, Non-empty value assigned to $ECODE (user-defined error trap)
151027890 SETENVFAIL, VIEW “SETENV”:”eeee” failed in setenv() system call
150382954 SETEXTRENV, Database files are missing or Instance is frozen; supply the database files, wait for the freeze to lift or define ydb_extract_nocol to extract possibly incorrect collation
150381906 SETINSETTRIGONLY, ISV iiii can only be modified in a ‘SET’ type trigger
150381642 SETINTRIGONLY, ISV iiii cannot be modified outside of the trigger environment
150382284 SETITIMERFAILED, A setitimer() call returned an error status of ssss
150383818 SETQUALPROB, Error getting qqqq qualifier value
150380387 SETREG2RESYNC, Setting resync sequence number xxxx to region sequence number yyyy for database zzzz
150379170 SETSOCKOPTERR, Setting the socket attribute xxxx failed: (errno == aaaa) yyyy
150379682 SETZDIR, Cannot change working directory to xxxx.
150380771 SHMPLRECOV, Shared memory pool block recovery invoked for region xxxx
150382035 SHMREMOVED, Removed Shared Memory id mmmm corresponding to file ffff
150380034 SHRMEMEXHAUSTED, Attempt by process to use more shared memory than currently permitted
150382912 SIDEEFFECTEVAL, Extrinsic ($$), External call ($&) or $INCREMENT() with potential side effects in actuallist, function arguments, non-Boolean binary operands or subscripts
150377972 SIGACCERR, Signal was caused by invalid permissions for mapped object
150377884 SIGADRALN, Signal was caused by invalid address alignment
150377892 SIGADRERR, Signal was caused by non-existent physical address
150377876 SIGBADSTK, Signal was caused by an internal stack error
150377868 SIGCOPROC, Signal was caused by a coprocessor error
150377924 SIGFLTDIV, Signal was caused by a floating point divided by zero
150377956 SIGFLTINV, Signal was caused by an invalid floating point operation
150377932 SIGFLTOVF, Signal was caused by a floating point overflow
150377948 SIGFLTRES, Signal was caused by a floating point inexact result
150377940 SIGFLTUND, Signal was caused by a floating point underflow
150377836 SIGILLADR, Signal was caused by illegal addressing mode
150377820 SIGILLOPC, Signal was caused by an illegal opcode
150377828 SIGILLOPN, Signal was caused by an illegal operand
150377844 SIGILLTRP, Signal was caused by an illegal trap
150377908 SIGINTDIV, Signal was caused by an integer divided by zero
150377916 SIGINTOVF, Signal was caused by an integer overflow
150377964 SIGMAPERR, Signal was caused by an address not mapped to an object
150377900 SIGOBJERR, Signal was caused by an object specific hardware error
150377852 SIGPRVOPC, Signal was caused by a privileged opcode
150377860 SIGPRVREG, Signal was caused by a privileged register
151027850 SIMPLEAPINEST, Attempt to nest a SimpleAPI call with another SimpleAPI call
151027954 SIMPLEAPINOTALLOWED, Process cannot switch to using Simple API while already using threaded Simple API
150379554 SIZENOTVALID4, Size (in bytes) must be either 1, 2, or 4
150378034 SIZENOTVALID8, Size (in bytes) must be either 1, 2, 4, or 8
150381562 SNAPSHOTNOV4, Cannot downgrade (to V4) while snapshots are in progress. Currently ssss snapshots are in progress for region rrrr.
150383330 SOCKACCEPT, Socket accept failed
150376378 SOCKACPT, Error accepting socket connection
150379146 SOCKBFNOTEMPTY, Socket buffer size cannot be set to xxxx due to aaaa bytes of buffered data. Read first.
150383130 SOCKBIND, Error in binding socket
150377434 SOCKETEXIST, Socket xxxx already exists
150376386 SOCKINIT, Error initializing socket: (errno == aaaa) xxxx
150376994 SOCKLISTEN, Error listening on a socket
150381146 SOCKMAX, Attempt to exceed maximum sockets xxx for the SOCKET device
150377418 SOCKNOTFND, Socket xxxx not found
150378898 SOCKNOTPASSED, Socket message contained no passed socket descriptors
150383322 SOCKPASS, Socket pass failed
150383354 SOCKPASSDATAMIX, Attempt to use a LOCAL socket for both READ/WRITE and PASS/ACCEPT
150376370 SOCKWAIT, Error waiting for socket connection
150376602 SOCKWRITE, Write to a socket failed
150382874 SPCLZMSG, The following error message cannot be driven through ZMESSAGE
150373706 SPOREOL, Either a space or an end-of-line was expected but not found
150376218 SRCFILERR, Error with source file I/O on file xxxx
150373715 SRCLIN, xxxx
150381795 SRCLNNTDSP, Source lines exceeding wwww character width are not displayed
150373723 SRCLOC, At column xxxx, line yyyy, source module zzzz
150373731 SRCLOCUNKNOWN, M source location unknown
150375139 SRCNAM, in source module xxxx
150380994 SRCSRVEXISTS, Source server for secondary instance xxxx is already running with pid yyyy
150381002 SRCSRVNOTEXIST, Source server for secondary instance xxxx is not alive
150381010 SRCSRVTOOMANY, Cannot start more than xxxx source servers in primary instance file yyyy
150382450 SRVLCKWT2LNG, PID pppp is holding the source server lock. Waited for mmmm minute(s). Now exiting
150381850 SSATTACHSHM, Error while attaching to shared memory identifier iiii
150381634 SSFILCLNUPFAIL, Error while unlinking snapshot file – xxxx
150381610 SSFILOPERR, Error while doing oooo operation on file ffff
150381602 SSPREMATEOF, Premature end of file while reading block nnnn of size: bbbb bytes at offset: oooo from zzzz
150381626 SSSHMCLNUPFAIL, Error while doing snapshot shared memory cleanup. Operation – ssss. Identifier – dddd
150381586 SSTMPCREATE, Cannot create the temporary file in directory dddd for the requested snapshot
150381578 SSTMPDIRSTAT, Cannot access temporary directory dddd
150381570 SSV4NOALLOW, Database snapshots are supported only on fully upgraded databases.
150373738 STACKCRIT, Stack space critical
150373748 STACKOFLOW, Stack overflow
150373754 STACKUNDERFLO, Stack underflow
151027962 STAPIFORKEXEC, Calls to YottaDB are not supported after a fork() if threaded Simple API functions were in use in parent. Call exec() first
150380282 STARFILE, Star(*) argument cannot be specified with xxxx
150372435 STATCNT, xxxx: Key cnt: yyyy max subsc len: zzzz max data len: wwww
150384154 STATSDBERR, Error in/at LLLL attempting to use a statistics database: SSSS
150384170 STATSDBFNERR, This database has no accessible statistics database due to the following error: EEEE
150384162 STATSDBINUSE, Statistics database SSSS is in use with database DDDD so cannot also be used with database OOOO
150384050 STATSDBNOTSUPP, Attempted operation is not supported on statistics database file SSSS
151027882 STDERRALREADYOPEN, STDERR deviceparameter specifies an already open device
150504091 STDNULLCOLLREQ, Region rrrr needs Standard Null Collation enabled because global gggg spans through it
150384274 STPCRIT, String pool space critical
150380570 STPEXPFAIL, Stringpool expansion failed. It could not expand to xxxx bytes
150384284 STPOFLOW, String pool space overflow
150373762 STRINGOFLOW, String pool overflow
150503898 STRMISSQUOTE, Missing double-quote at end of string specification ssss
150382571 STRMNUMIS, Stream # is ssss
150382578 STRMNUMMISMTCH1, Stream nnnn exists on the receiver instance file but is unknown on the source instance
150382586 STRMNUMMISMTCH2, Stream nnnn exists on the source instance file but is unknown on the receiver instance
150382594 STRMSEQMISMTCH, Unable to play update on Stream nnnn with seqno xxxx as receiving instance has a different stream seqno XXXX
150379562 STRNOTVALID, Error: cannot convert xxxx value to valid yyyy value.
151027914 STRUCTNOTALLOCD, Structure not previously called with Alloc() method
150372786 STRUNXEOR, xxxx unexpected end of record in string subscript
150381523 STUCKACT, Process stuck script invoked: rrrr : pppp
150375154 SUB2LONG, Subscript invalid, too long
151027794 SUBSARRAYNULL, Non-zero number of subscripts xxxx specified but subscript array parameter is NULL in API call
150382266 SUPRCVRNEEDSSUPSRC, Instance iiii is not configured to perform local updates, so it cannot act as a receiver for non-Supplementary Instance ssss
150379139 SUSPENDING, Suspending processing on user request or attempt to do terminal I/O while running in the background
150381170 SVNEXPECTED, Special variable expected in this context
150381178 SVNONEW, Cannot NEW this special variable
150373770 SVNOSET, Cannot SET this special variable
150377722 SYSCALL, Error received from system call xxxx – called from module yyyy at line zzzz
150384290 SYSUTILCONF, Error determining the path for system utility. tttt
150378994 TCGETATTR, Error while getting terminal attributes on file descriptor xxxx
150381842 TCOMMITDISALLOW, TROLLBACK required after an unhandled error in trigger context
150379002 TCSETATTR, Error while setting terminal attributes on file descriptor xxxx
150373786 TERMASTQUOTA, Process AST quota exceeded, cannot open terminal
150375922 TERMWRITE, Error writing to terminal, status:
150375539 TEXT, xxxx
150373794 TEXTARG, Invalid argument to $TEXT function
151027946 THREADEDAPINOTALLOWED, Process cannot switch to using threaded Simple API while already using Simple API
151027834 TIME2LONG, Specified time value exceeds supported maximum limit xxxx allowed
150379040 TIMERHANDLER, Incorrect SIGALRM handler xxxx found by yyyy
150376522 TIMEROVFL, Timer overflow; interval probably too large
150375307 TIMRBADVAL, Bad value specified. Timer not changed.
150383280 TLSCONNINFO, Failed to obtain information on the TLS/SSL connection
150383266 TLSCONVSOCK, Failed to convert UNIX TCP/IP socket to TLS/SSL aware socket>/error
150383250 TLSDLLNOOPEN, Failed to load YottaDB TLS/SSL library for secure communication
150383274 TLSHANDSHAKE, Connection to remote side using TLS/SSL protocol failed
150383258 TLSINIT, Failed to initialize YottaDB TLS/SSL library for secure communication
150383290 TLSIOERROR, Error during TLS/SSL oooo operation
150383618 TLSPARAM, TLS parameter pppp eeee
150383298 TLSRENEGOTIATE, Failed to renegotiate TLS/SSL connection
150376058 TLVLZERO, Transaction is not in progress
150380026 TMPFILENOCRE, Error in MUPIP BACKUP while trying to create temporary file xxxx
150373802 TMPSTOREMAX, Maximum space for temporary values exceeded
150380762 TNTOOLARGE, Database file xxx has reached the transaction number limit (0xaaa). Renew database with MUPIP INTEG TN_RESET
150380752 TNWARN, Database file xxx has 0xaaa more transactions to go before reaching the transaction number limit (0xaaa). Renew database with MUPIP INTEG TN_RESET
150377570 TOOMANYCLIENTS, YottaDB is serving the maximum number of clients. Try again later.
150375114 TOTALBLKMAX, Extension exceeds maximum total blocks, not extending
151027874 TPCONNTIMEOUT, Connection wait timeout (ssss seconds) has expired
150376090 TPFAIL, Transaction COMMIT failed. failure code: xxxx.
150376074 TPLOCK, Cannot release lock(s) held prior to current TSTART
150376434 TPMIXUP, xxxx transaction cannot be started within yyyy transaction
150384058 TPNOSTATSHARE, VIEW “[NO]STATSHARE” is not allowed inside a TP transaction
150383218 TPNOSUPPORT, Operation cannot be performed while inside of a TP transaction
150378867 TPNOTACID, tttt at xxxx in a final TP retry violates ACID properties of a TRANSACTION; indefinite RESTARTs may occur
150376082 TPQUIT, Cannot QUIT out of a routine with an active transaction
150376595 TPRESTART, Database mmmm; code: xxxx; blk: yyyy in glbl: zzzz; pvtmods: aaaa, blkmods: bbbb, blklvl: cccc, type: dddd, readset: eeee, writeset: ffff, local_tn: gggg, zpos: hhhh
150382970 TPRESTNESTERR, TP restart signaled while handing error - treated as nested error - Use TROLLBACK in error handler to avoid this
150377322 TPTIMEOUT, Transaction timeout
150376106 TPTOODEEP, $TLEVEL cannot exceed 127
150377562 TRACEON, Missing global name (with optional subscripts) to dump M-tracing information into
150379587 TRACINGON, Tracing already turned on
150376146 TRANS2BIG, Transaction exceeded available buffer space for region rrrr
150373274 TRANSMINUS, Negative numbers not allowed with ZTCOMMIT
150373002 TRANSNEST, Maximum transaction nesting levels exceeded
150372834 TRANSNOSTART, ZTCOMMIT(s) issued without corresponding ZTSTART(s)
150377050 TRESTLOC, Transaction start: xxxx, Transaction failure: yyyy
150381866 TRESTMAX, TRESTART not allowed in a final TP retry more than once
150376066 TRESTNOT, Cannot TRESTART, transaction is not restartable
150381720 TRIG2NOTRIG, Sending transaction sequence number xxxx which used triggers to a replicator that does not support triggers
150381658 TRIGCOMPFAIL, Compilation of database trigger named tttt failed
150381827 TRIGDATAIGNORE, Ignoring trigger data tttt. Use MUPIP TRIGGER to load trigger definitions
150381810 TRIGDEFBAD, Trigger initialization failed for global ^gggg. Error while processing ^#t(“xxxx”,yyyy[,zzzz])
150381856 TRIGDEFNOSYNC, Global ^gggg has triggers defined on the [originating/replicating] instance but none on the [replicating/originating] instance. Current journal sequence number is 0xjjjj
150381698 TRIGINVCHSET, Trigger tttt for global gggg was created with CHSET=cccc which is different from the current $ZCHSET of this process
150381835 TRIGIS, Trigger name: tttt
150383346 TRIGLOADFAIL, MUPIP TRIGGER or $ZTRIGGER operation failed. Failure code: xxxx
150382178 TRIGMODREGNOTRW, Trigger(s) cannot be added/changed/deleted because region rrrr is read-only
150376874 TRIGNAMBAD, Trigger initialization failed. Error while processing ^#t(tttt,cccc)
150376042 TRIGNAMENF, Trigger name nnnn not found with the current default global directory
150381754 TRIGNAMEUNIQ, Unable to make trigger name tttt unique beyond vvvv versions already loaded
150381706 TRIGREPLSTATE, Trigger cannot update replicated database file dddd since triggering update was not replicated
150381818 TRIGSUBSCRANGE, Trigger definition for global ^gggg has one or more invalid subscript range(s) : ssss
150381738 TRIGTCOMMIT, TCOMMIT at $ZTLEVEL=LLLL not allowed as corresponding TSTART was done at lower $ZTLEVEL=BBBB
150381746 TRIGTLVLCHNG, Detected a net transaction level ($TLEVEL) change during trigger tttt. Transaction level must be the same at exit as when the trigger started
150383682 TRIGUPBADLABEL, Trigger upgrade cannot upgrade label NNNN to CCCC on ^GGGG in region RRRR
150376048 TRIGZBREAKREM, ZBREAK in trigger tttt removed due to trigger being reloaded
150377978 TRNLOGFAIL, Translation of environmental variable xxxx failed
150377738 TROLLBK2DEEP, Intended rollback (xxxx) deeper than the current $tlevel (yyyy)
150378986 TRUNCATE, Error while truncating jnl-file xxxx to length aaaa
150376034 TSTRTPARM, Error parsing TSTART qualifier
150375251 TTINVFILTER, Invalid FILTER argument
150377314 TTLENGTHTOOBIG, Terminal LENGTH exceeds the maximum allowed limit
150377282 TTWIDTHTOOBIG, Terminal WIDTH exceeds the maximum allowed limit
150373826 TXTSRCFMT, $TEXT encountered an invalid source program file format
150375082 TXTSRCMAT, M object module and source file do not match
150373834 UIDMSG, Unidentified message received
150373842 UIDSND, Unidentified sender PID
150373858 UNIMPLOP, Unimplemented construct encountered
150374572 UNKNOWNFOREX, Process halted by a forced exit from a source other than MUPIP
151027906 UNKNOWNSYSERROR, An unknown system error ssss has occurred: <errorstring>
150374170 UNSDCLASS, Unsupported descriptor class
150374178 UNSDDTYPE, Unsupported descriptor data type
151027898 UNSETENVFAIL, VIEW “UNSETENV”:”eeee” failed in unsetenv() system call
150375330 UNSOLCNTERR, An unsolicited error message has been received from the network
150377354 UPDATEFILEOPEN, Update file open error
150383538 UPDPROC, Update Process error
150381298 UPDREPLSTATEOFF, Error replicating global gggg as it maps to database xxxx which has replication turned OFF.
150382290 UPDSYNC2MTINS, Can only UPDATERESYNC with an empty instance file
150382298 UPDSYNCINSTFILE, Error with instance file name specified in UPDATERESYNC qualifier
150375906 USRIOINIT, User-defined device driver not successfully initialized
150383954 UTF16ENDIAN, The device previously set UTF-16 endianness to cccc and cannot change to eeee
150503755 VALTOOBIG, xxxx is larger than the maximum of yyyy for a zzzz
150503762 VALTOOLONG, xxxx exceeds the maximum length of yyyy for a zzzz
150503771 VALTOOSMALL, xxxx is less than the minimum of yyyy for a zzzz
150503778 VALUEBAD, xxxx is not a valid yyyy
150503786 VALUEREQD, Qualifier xxxx requires a value
150373866 VAREXPECTED, Variable expected in this context
151027842 VARNAME2LONG, Variable name length exceeds maximum allowed length xxxx
150373874 VARRECBLKSZ, Blocksize must be at least record size + 4 bytes
150503795 VERIFY, Verification xxxx
150376858 VERMISMATCH, Attempt to access xxxx with version yyyy, while already using zzzz
150374082 VERSION, Version mismatch - This program must be recompiled
150374034 VIEWAMBIG, View parameter xxxx is ambiguous
150373898 VIEWARGCNT, View parameter xxxx has inappropriate number of subparameters
150373810 VIEWCMD, View parameter is not valid with VIEW command
150373778 VIEWFN, View parameter is not valid with $VIEW()
150373658 VIEWGVN, Invalid global key name used with VIEW/$VIEW(): xxxx
150381378 VIEWLVN, Invalid local variable name used with VIEW or $VIEW(): vvvv
150374042 VIEWNOTFOUND, View parameter xxxx not valid
150378779 WAITDSKSPACE, Process xxxx will wait aaaa seconds for necessary disk space to become available for yyyy
150378808 WCBLOCKED, Field xxxx is set by process yyyy at transaction number aaaa for database file zzzz
150375842 WCERRNOTCHG, Not all specified databases were changed
150375848 WCWRNNOTCHG, Not all specified databases were changed
150383690 WEIRDSYSTIME, Time reported by the system clock is outside the acceptable range. Please check and correct the system clock.
150381138 WIDTHTOOSMALL, WIDTH should be at least 2 when device ICHSET or OCHSET is UTF-8 or UTF-16.
150374586 WILDCARD, Wild cards are prohibited: xxxx
150503859 WRITEERROR, Cannot exit because of write failure. Reason for failure: xxxx.
150379746 WRITERSTUCK, Buffer flush stuck waiting for [xxxx] concurrent writers to finish writing to database file aaaa
150381946 WRITEWAITPID, PID wwww waited mmmm minute(s) for PID hhhh to finish writing block bbbb in database file ffff
150379370 XCVOIDRET, Attempt to return a value from function xxxx, which is declared void in external call table yyyy
150379490 XTRNRETSTR, Return string from extended reference translation algorithm is NULL.
150379482 XTRNRETVAL, Length of return value from extended reference translation algorithm is out of bounds
150379474 XTRNTRANSDLL, Error during extended reference environment translation. Please check the above message.
150379466 XTRNTRANSERR, Error attempting to generate an environment using an external algorithm.
150383234 ZATRANSERR, The input string is too long to convert
150373914 ZATTACHERR, Error attaching to xxxx
150380203 ZBREAKFAIL, Could not set breakpoint at xxxx due to insufficient memory
150374218 ZCALLTABLE, External call: Table format error
150374226 ZCARGMSMTCH, External call: Actual argument count, xxxx is greater than formal argument count, yyyy
150382002 ZCCLNUPRTNMISNG, External call: Cleanup routine name missing. Cannot continue
150376770 ZCCOLON, Colon expected but not found
150374234 ZCCONMSMTCH, External call: Too many input arguments
150374298 ZCCONVERT, External call: error converting output argument
150376834 ZCCSQRBR, Closing Square bracket expected
150376730 ZCCTENV, Environmental variable for external package xxxx not set
150376746 ZCCTNULLF, External call table contains no records: xxxx
150376738 ZCCTOPN, Unable to open external call table: xxxx
150376762 ZCENTNAME, No entry found in external call table
150374274 ZCINPUTREQ, External call: Required input argument missing
150382010 ZCINVALIDKEYWORD, External call: Invalid keyword found. Cannot continue. Invalid keyword encountered in the ext call config file.
150376826 ZCMAXPARAM, Exceeded maximum number of external call parameters
150376810 ZCMLTSTATUS, Multiple entries of xc_status in a single entry in external call table
150381162 ZCNOPREALLOUTPAR, Parameter xxxx in external call yyyy.zzzz is an output only parameter requiring pre-allocation.
150374242 ZCOPT0, External call: Qualifier OPTIONAL_0 can be used only with mechanisms REFERENCE or DESCRIPTOR
150374266 ZCPOSOVR, External call: Invalid overlapping of arguments in table position xxxx
150376842 ZCPREALLNUMEX, Pre-allocation value should be a decimal number
150377514 ZCPREALLVALINV, The pre-allocation value exceeded the maximum string length
150376850 ZCPREALLVALPAR, Pre-allocation allowed only for variables passed by reference
150376786 ZCRCALLNAME, Routine name expected but not found
150376794 ZCRPARMNAME, Parameter name expected but not found
150374306 ZCRTENOTF, External call routine xxxx not found
150376778 ZCRTNTYP, Unknown return type
150376818 ZCSTATUSRET, External call returned error status
150376754 ZCUNAVAIL, Package, xxxx unavailable
150374194 ZCUNKMECH, External call: Unknown parameter-passing mechanism
150374202 ZCUNKQUAL, External call: Unknown input qualifier
150374186 ZCUNKTYPE, External call: Unknown argument type
150376802 ZCUNTYPE, Unknown type entered
150377064 ZCVECTORINDX, Invalid Vector Index xxxx
150375858 ZCWRONGDESC, A string longer than 65535 is passed via 32-bit descriptor
150382058 ZDATEBADDATE, $ZDATE() date argument dddd is less than -365 (the $HOROLOG value for 01-JAN-1840) or greater than 364570088 (the $HOROLOG value for 31-DEC-999999)
150382066 ZDATEBADTIME, $ZDATE() time argument tttt is less than 0 or greater than 86399 (the $HOROLOG value for a second before midnight)
150373922 ZDATEFMT, $ZDATE format string contains invalid character
150379768 ZDIROUTOFSYNC, $ZDIRECTORY xxxx is not the same as its cached value yyyy
150373930 ZEDFILSPEC, Illegal ZEDIT file specification: xxxx
150379706 ZFF2MANY, Number of characters specified for ZFF deviceparameter (xxxx) is more than the allowed (yyyy)
150373938 ZFILENMTOOLONG, xxxx is longer than 255 characters
150373946 ZFILKEYBAD, xxxx is not a legal keyword for $ZFILE()
150373954 ZFILNMBAD, xxxx is not a legal file name
150374122 ZGBLDIRACC, Cannot access global directory xxxx. Continuing with yyyy.
150381954 ZGOCALLOUTIN, ZGOTO level 0 with entry ref not valid when using call-ins
150381730 ZGOTOINVLVL, ZGOTO in a trigger running in mmmm cannot ZGOTO level LLLL
150373962 ZGOTOLTZERO, Cannot ZGOTO a level less than zero
150373970 ZGOTOTOOBIG, Cannot ZGOTO a level greater than present level
150381186 ZINTDIRECT, Attempt to enter direct mode from $ZINTERRUPT
150381194 ZINTRECURSEIO, Attempt to do IO to the active device in $ZINTERRUPT
150373978 ZLINKFILE, Error while ZLINKing “xxxx”
150374658 ZLMODULE, Object file name does not match module name: xxxx
150374650 ZLNOOBJECT, No object module was produced
150373986 ZPARSETYPE, Illegal TYPE argument to $ZPARSE(): xxxx
150373994 ZPARSFLDBAD, Illegal $ZPARSE() field parameter: xxxx
150383610 ZPEEKNOJNLINFO, $ZPEEK() unable to access requested journal structure - region rrrr is not currently journaled
150383074 ZPEEKNORPLINFO, $ZPEEK() unable to access requested replication structure
150374002 ZPIDBADARG, The tvexpr must be FALSE if last $ZPID() not found
150374026 ZPRTLABNOTFND, Label not found in routine
150374634 ZROSYNTAX, $ZROUTINES syntax error: xxxx
150375474 ZSHOWBADFUNC, An illegal function was specified for ZSHOW
150383386 ZSOCKETATTR, Attribute “xxxx” invalid for $ZSOCKET function msg name
150383394 ZSOCKETNOTSOCK, $ZSOCKET function called but device is not a socket
150374074 ZSRCHSTRMCT, Search stream identifier out of range
150375514 ZSTEPARG, ZSTEP argument expected
150381762 ZTRIGINVACT, Missing or invalid subcode (first) parameter given to $ZTRIGGER()
150382170 ZTRIGNOTRW, ZTRIGGER cannot operate on read-only region rrrr
150381674 ZTWORMHOLE2BIG, String length of LLLL bytes exceeds maximum length of mmmm bytes for $ZTWORMHOLE
150375546 ZWRSPONE, Subscript patterns in ZWRITE are atomic; Invalid delimiter